Launched: Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio

A friend for four seasons

You might agree that our changing weather isn’t the ideal time to launch a new soft-top convertible, but this only boosted the confidence of Mercedes-Benz representatives at the recent launch of the new E-Class Cabrio. Backed by a joyful marketing campaign that denotes the newcomer as one cabrio for four seasons, the topless executive German completes the E-Class line-up of sedan, estate, coupé and convertible. It’s based on the 2-door coupé version of the E and is only available with a soft top.

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Tested: 2010 Subaru Impreza 2.0 RS AWD

The light-weight contender

Think before you speak, something I should’ve done last week before I had to eat my own words with a hefty side dish of umm’s and ah’s. When the friendly Subaru chaps dropped off a pearl-white Impreza sedan I immediately mistook it for a WRX, hence I pointed out their blunder: “No, no, I’ve tested this before” I alleged. “No, no, you haven’t!” they retaliated.

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Tested: Renault Grand Scenic dCi

The versatile van

Last week I was presented with a bit of a problem. The instance that the cheerful Renault guys dropped off a brand-new Grand Scenic at my home I realised that I had no proper means of testing it. With so much room at my disposal it became abundantly clear that I had no wife and hence, even fewer children to strap to its modern seats.

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Tested: Nissan X-Trail 2.0 DCi LE

The wedding planner

Ideally you only get married once in your life and the general consensus is that you share the memorable day with loved ones and friends. As a fully paid up member of the latter group I was kindly invited to attend the big day of two great friends in an idyllic getaway resort on the wrong side of Riviersonderend.

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Tested: Nissan Qashqai n-tec Limited Edition

The quirky niche

I’m safely presuming that Nissan entertained some sort of competition to invent thee most unpronounceable name for one of their new niche market vehicles, the Qashqai. How do you pronounce it? Umm, cash-kay, I think. What does it mean? No idea, perhaps “bless you” in Japanese.

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Geskiedenis: Peugeot 404

Peugeot 404: ‘n Staatmaker word Vyftig

Peugeot van Suid-Afrika het vergeet om ons te nooi na die bekendstelling van hulle jongste model in Suid-Afrika. Maar dis nie die ergste nie; sover het ek nog nie van hulle gehoor dat hulle vir die kanniedood Peugeot 404 vanjaar ‘n 50-jarige partytjie gaan geen nie. Hierdie model, wat in 1960 bekendgestel is, het in Suid-Afrika (en Oos-Afrika) baie diep spore getrap.

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