Launched: Toyota Prius III [2009]

Green goes gold

Four point five litres per hundred kilometres; that was the average consumption of the new Toyota Prius I recently drove for two days on its official launch. The third generation Prius will shortly be available from selected Toyota dealerships to maintain and build on its ecological and economical image. Especially the second model (2003) made the Prius into a runaway success, so much so that in April 2008 it smashed the one million sales mark since its first incarnation arrived in 1997.

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Padtoets: 2009 Jeep Cherokee CRD

Oupagrootjie se tweede lewe

Die oupagrootjie van elke sportnutsvoertuig (of vier-by-vier) is die Amerikaanse Willys GP (“General Purpose”) wat in die Tweede Wêreldoorlog sy verskyning gemaak het. Hierdie basiese maar veelsydige vierwielaangedrewe voertuig het na die oorlog vinnig bewys dat hy ook harde werk of vermaak vir Jan Alleman kan bied.

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Tested: Jeep Cherokee CRD

Great-grandpa’s second wind

The great-grandfather of each SUV or four-by-four is the American Willys GP (“General Purpose”) which made its appearance in the Second World War. After the conflict this basic but versatile four-wheel-drive vehicle proved that it can also offer hard work and matching play for members of the public.

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