Sprint Review: Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi SE Auto

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What it is: Nissan’s Pathfinder is a big, hardy SUV with a generous body on an old-school ladder frame. Unlike bakkies though, it has car-like rear suspension. Available only with (selectable) 4WD, choose between an auto turbo-diesel V6, manual or auto 2.5 four-cylinder turbo-diesel. This is the latter model.

What else: There’s a newer version available overseas but this super-sized hunk of metal is still mighty impressive. Interior space is immense, quality more utilitarian – feels like an American car. Depending on folded seats, cargo capacity is 190L (seven-seater), 515L or a colossal 2,091L.

Where we went: The Cederberg and surrounds, using both of the popular access roads into Kromrivier. We also trekked further east into the Gommasfontein Reserve where the Pathfinder laughed at overgrown farm tracks, big drainage ditches, sizable mud pools and rocky inclines. 4WD and Low Range weren’t necessary.

What we loved: Two people’s entire weekend luggage on the humungous rear seats leaves the cathedral-sized boot empty. Radio, ventilation and instruments are basic but easily understood. Front seats are comfy but gave us back-ache after a few hours. The ride is super-comfortable.

Five-speed auto’ shifts smoothly and always keeps the 140kW / 450Nm engine in its power peak. Highway cruising at 120km/h is surprisingly quiet and relaxing. The car’s vastness and fake chrome grill took some flak but nobody can accuse the Pathfinder of copying others. It certainly looks unique.

Why you should buy one: Big space, big comfort, big value. This automatic 2.5 dCi costs N$505,800, the manual version saves you N$15,700. Posh models cost much more. A big 3-year/100,000km warranty and 90,000km service plan are included in the price. Nissan has 111 dealers in South Africa and five in Namibia.

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