YOUR car of the year 2017?

Hey you, yes you! We want to know which one of these cars do you think is deserving of the title “NamWheels car of the year 2017”? Cast you vote by commenting below or simply visit our Facebook page and cast your vote in our corresponding gallery

Audi A5 Coupé

We liked: Build quality, ride, smoothness.

We disliked: Price and options pricing.

BMW 4-Series Cabrio

We liked: The looks and 2+2 seating.

We disliked: Not the most spacious, boring engine in this model.

Ford Fiesta ST200

We liked: Fun factor, driver’s car, limited-edition colour.

We disliked: The rock-hard ride!

Hyundai Creta

We liked: Good looks, space and features.

We disliked: Not much, really.

Hyundai Elantra Sport

We liked: Hooray, the sporty sedan is back and Hyundai did a great job!

We disliked: The weird headliner…

Mercedes-AMG E43

We liked: The medium-fat AMG formula, that trumpeting sound!

We disliked: Its price.

Mini Clubman John Cooper Works

We liked: Handling, performance and (automatic) exhaust sounds.

We disliked: Price, hard ride, not really a “mini” anymore…

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

We liked: Value-for-money and versatility.

We disliked: Medium power and specs, rear end looks weird.

Range Rover Velar

We liked: Everything. Minimalist looks and maximum features.

We disliked: Besides the price, we’d hate to scratch this off-road!

Suzuki Ignis

We liked: Price, features, value!

We disliked: Yet again, questionable rear end.

Toyota C-HR

We liked: Compact turbo engine and funky design = very unlike Toyota.

We disliked: Strangely enough, the compact turbo engine and some of its design elements…

Volkswagen Amarok V6

We liked: Those mountains of torque and almost 10 gears!

We disliked: Mostly the price.

Volvo S90

We liked: A fresh take on luxury sedans.

We disliked: Takes a while to get used to, “only” four cylinder engines.

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