What is NamWheels?

NamWheels is a free motoring website (and digital newspaper) published by Galimoto Media which was founded wayyy back in 1999. When, like, television was still black and white.

We at Galimoto Media love cars. New, small, old, big, doesn’t matter – we simply can’t get enough of them. And we love telling you about them in our printed and online publications through reviews, news, tips and stories. We even employ a proper motoring historian en hy praat slegs Afrikaans. 

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Our mission is to provide an informative and entertaining look at cars while building a local-is-lekker platform for our advertisers and partners.


The NamWheels vision is simple. We strive to be the ultimate Namibian motoring portal.


Have you spotted South African landscapes, GP or Galimoto numberplates and references to neighbouring countries?

We can explain… 

You see, NamWheels is a product of Galimoto Media cc, part of an automotive publishing group with branches in Namibia and South Africa. Most new car launches happen in the RSA and almost every press car we drive is from the factory fleets in Cape Town. It’s got to do with insurance, logistics and other boring stuff. As soon as the manufacturers have press cars in NAM, we’ll be the first in line. Promise!