Comparison: Volvo XC90 vs everyone else

Why is it always the poor Volvos we compare to other vehicles? We at NamWheels believe that they offer such refreshing alternatives to those regular market dominators that direct comparisons are absolutely necessary.

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Padtoets: 2020 VW Amarok Dark Label

Gedurende Desember van 2019 het ons die geleentheid gehad om die Volkswagen Amarok Canyon vir ‘n maand deur die passe te plaas. Gerieflik genoeg is die Canyon gebruik om te help met ‘n verhuisings-proses asook ‘n kort vakansie deur die grondpaaie van die Suid-Kaap. Die Canyon het ‘n geweldige leemte gelaat nadat dit weggeneem is in vroeg Januarie. Nou, ses maande later, is die Amarok Dark Label aan ons gegee vir ‘n week.

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Launch report: Volkswagen Golf (Limited Edition) GTi TCR

Final Golf 7 to hit South-African roads with some TCR vrrrrpha!

As the world currently sees itself in a pandemic, most of us are eagerly waiting to take on the roads again. Well, Volkswagen South Africa might just have the perfect solution, but you will have to jump as only a very limited number of these models will be sold in southern Africa.

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Long-term test: 2019 Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDi Canyon

Undeniably the fastest production bakkie currently being sold in South Africa (yes, we have valid reasons to make this statement), Volkswagen just updated their stellar V6 diesel-powered steed. The manufacturer, who enjoyed one of their most successful years to date, kindly entrusted us with the new special-edition Canyon for a month.

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Launch Report: Volkswagen T-Cross

The long-awaited T-Cross makes its way to our shores

Volkswagen South Africa has just launched its first small-compact SUV contender, just as the German manufacturer announced its new ideals for future mobility. The question, however, begs if Volkswagen did not maybe join the compact SUV rivalry too late? Well, Volkswagen took us on a roadtrip along the Garden Route to prove skeptics wrong.

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