OPEL & Bathu Launch the most Expensive, most Exclusive sneaker in Mzansi!

One Car. Two South African Entrepreneurs. A Shared Vision. Unbox Your Potential!

Johannesburg – OPEL Distributor recently had the privilege of shooting a video with two extraordinary South African Entrepreneurs. Their stories and vision fully embrace and compliment what we at OPEL stand for:

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Tested: Opel Mokka X 1.4 Turbo Cosmo

The bad accent

Is there still such a thing as a terrible car? While this depends entirely on your personal preferences (or own definition of the word), there are a few turds floating in the entry-level market segments. A little higher up, you sometimes get the odd disappointment though; like Opel’s new Mokka X.

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Pad toets: Opel Astra 1-liter

Europese Kampioen van die jaar!

Wayde van Niekerk het bewys dat bultende spiere en ‘n groot lyf nie noodwendig beter is as goeie gene nie! Dieselfde kan van die nuwe Opel Astra met sy klein 1-liter enjin gesê word. Hier in die 1970’s was die vierkantige Kadett ‘n gesogte voertuig wat eerlike waarde vir geld verteenwoordig het…

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Top 5: Cars of the Year 2016

So here’s something different. Each year we list our favourite new cars which were launched over the last 12 months but this time around, instead of us telling you which ones we liked, our Facebook page invited YOU to vote your favourite new ride of 2016.

The list of candidates was chosen from the launches we attended or vehicles we thought were brilliant newcomers and worthy of being included in this line-up.

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Long term test: Opel Mokka

The thorough testing

We all know them, those long ribbons of tarmac which lead us to the next Namibian town. Usually dead-straight, kissing the hazy horizon and made from 50 shades of grey. Out here you need a proper car, something comfortable with good road-holding, great tunes and a fuel-efficient engine.

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Tested: Opel Astra 1.4T Sport

The tempting alternative

Every other month, a car manufacturer announces that they’re launching the most important model ever. Considering the manpower and investment it takes to put a new car on its wheels, I certainly won’t argue with that but find the phrase slightly overused – with very few exceptions. Like the new Opel Astra.

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