City slickers!

An alternative to a failing transport sector: The city slicker duel

Since the start of the new decade, we’ve been fortunate to test a range of small hatchbacks, made for the ever-increasing demand of compact, affordable cars for the expanding urban jungle. Some would agree that our public transport systems are becoming a potential headache, with safety being the main concern. Should a new car be the only option to leave this problem behind, we may be able to help.

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Comparison: Honda BR-V 1.5 Manual vs CVT

Continually Variable Transmission. That’s what CVT stands for, although in the mind of the car-buying public – especially South Africans and Namibians – it also stands for irritating noises and dragged-out power delivery. NamWheels compares identical cars with vastly different gearboxes…

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C43 AMG: old vs new

W202 vs C205

I appear to have some magical and completely spontaneous connection with Edinburgh. My sister-in-law stems from the Kingdom of Fife, my wife has a few roots there and also found her business niche in the Scottish capital, and as far as I can tell, my third-youngest cousin has mastered just about every course offered by the city’s university.

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