Tested: 2018 Audi RS5 Coupé

The clever choice

I’ve decided to open a tyre shop which only sells 20-inch wheels. This stroke of genius, which should also be infinitely more profitable than motoring journalism, came to me while testing the umpteenth car with ultra-low profile rubber. This Audi RS5 Coupé was in a string of seven cars I tested with 20-inch tyres.

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Sprint Review: Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDi

A revered new bakkie, lots of info in short paragraphs

What you need to know: The Volkswagen Amarok was launched in 2010, mostly for a few bakkie-mad countries in the southern hemisphere. After its makers and owners had to endure cringe-worthy jokes about two litre milk and juice bottles, Amarok finally got a flagship 3-litre V6 model with its recent refresh.

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Bekendstelling: VW Amarok V6

Drie-liter Amarok: Kleinboet kry ‘n Grootboet!

Die Volkswagen Amarok is al sedert 2010 in die rondte en oor die jare heen het ons aan hom gewoond geraak. Miskien nie heeltemal met groot enstoesiasme nie want die 2-liter tubodiesel se wringkrag was tot ‘n klein reeks enjinrewolusies beperk. Die koms van die Amarok met ‘n outomatiese ratkas ‘n jaar of vier later het dinge heelwat verbeter maar om een of ander rede het Suid-Afrikaanse kopers nie dieselfde kooplus as die Suid-Amerikaners en Duitsers getoon nie.

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Launched: Alfa Romeo Giulia

Bellissima! We drive Alfa’s gorgeous new Giulia.

South Africans and Namibians have both had a long-lasting love affair with Alfa Romeo’s delectable Giulia. The passionate relationship (for Alfisti, at least) started 55 years ago when the original Giulia, the Tipo 105 Berlina, and its subsequent sub-types became the first Alfa model range to be built in South Africa in substantial numbers.

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Lineage: AMG C-Class

The satin sledgehammers

A recent purchase by one of our staff members has spurred us on to finally delve into the history of certain performance cars. But don’t worry – we shall use this opportunity to cover other brands, genres and eras as well. In fact, why don’t you drop us a line and tell us which car’s history you’d like to see?

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Padtoets: Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2 V6

‘n Wolf in skaapsklere

Jeep, met hul herkenbare 7-groef verkoelerrooster, sowel as uitmuntende prestasie op enige onbekende en ietwat buite-bereikbare grondoppervlak vir die normale familie-sedan, staan nog altyd bekend vir hul gemak, bestuursvernuf en 4×4 vermoëns.

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Tested: Mercedes-Benz CLS400

The new Eleanor

I finally met Eleanor – my automotive unicorn. No, she isn’t a grey Mustang but, much like in the modern Gone in Sixty Seconds movie, this car has given me a proper runaround. With three cancelled bookings and a premature departure from my house, I now know that my Eleanor is a Mercedes-Benz CLS400.

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Tested: Jaguar XE 25t

The second bit

Over the years I’ve realized that motoring reviews serve just two purposes. The first and most obvious is to test (but often regurgitate) specifications and other quantifiable attributes of cars which everyone could call up on their smartphone in under a minute. The second bit is more important.

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Safari in a V6 sedan

The perfect job

It’s a crisp and sunny winter morning in the Kruger Park and a number of cars have bunched up in one place to get a better look at some interesting fauna. Lions juggling a baby giraffe or something. More worryingly though, in the midst of the obligatory Fortuners and Defenders is a silver Honda Accord V6.

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