Long-term test: 2019 Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDi Canyon

Undeniably the fastest production bakkie currently being sold in South Africa (yes, we have valid reasons to make this statement), Volkswagen just updated their stellar V6 diesel-powered steed. The manufacturer, who enjoyed one of their most successful years to date, kindly entrusted us with the new special-edition Canyon for a month.

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Padtoets: 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor

Vir vele stedelike inwoners is daar nie veel aanloklikheid rakende bakkies nie… en met goeie rede. Behalwe vir die duursame V6 bakkie hier en daar, is die natuur van hierdie tipe voertuig onprakties vir die stad. Breed, harde vering en ‘n tekort aan ‘n kattebak is maar net sekere van die probleme. Tot onlangs is die bakkie (of die “pickup” in Engels) gesien as ‘n voertuig vir die plaas en werkverrigting. Die klem word ergter hier geplaas op ‘tot onlangs’…

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Tested: 2019 Jaguar XJ50

Many years ago, special and limited editions were all the automotive rage. Where most nations have moved on, the U.K. got stuck on Special Editions so badly that it’s almost impossible to purchase a non-SE automobile. Even high-end stuff like this Jaguar XJ get the treatment, although this XJ50 model is rather more bespoke than a 320d SE…

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The motorsport conundrum

Text: Franco Theron and Junaid Samodien

Since the dawn of the 19th century, motorsport has always existed due to two key factors. Through the decades, these factors have either worked together very closely and successfully or either against one another, proving unsustainable for the sport. These two factors speak to the needs of the spectators as well as the big manufacturers (brands). The following article will analyse the movement of the motorsport world into different directions, perhaps towards an imbalance between the two factors.

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Tested: 2018 Audi RS5 Coupé

The clever choice

I’ve decided to open a tyre shop which only sells 20-inch wheels. This stroke of genius, which should also be infinitely more profitable than motoring journalism, came to me while testing the umpteenth car with ultra-low profile rubber. This Audi RS5 Coupé was in a string of seven cars I tested with 20-inch tyres.

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