First Drive: 2019 Hyundai Atos

Second-hand Vivo or Figo. That’s usually my answer when someone asks what they should buy for their graduating child or retiring parent. When they counter with affordable new cars, I often have the devil’s own job explaining why they shouldn’t buy a cheapy for Junior or Ouma. That is, until now…

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Citroen – terug in Suid-Afrika

Citroen is terug in Suid-Afrika en hier om te bly. Dit is die versekering wat die bestuur van PCSA (Peugeot Citroen South Africa) aan die media genoem het met die bekendstelling van drie van hulle gewilde modelle in Europa. Die drie ding mee in die segmente in Suid -Afrika waar daar groei in die markte is ten spyte van die swak ekonomie.

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Launch Report: Volkswagen T-Cross

The long-awaited T-Cross makes its way to our shores

Volkswagen South Africa has just launched its first small-compact SUV contender, just as the German manufacturer announced its new ideals for future mobility. The question, however, begs if Volkswagen did not maybe join the compact SUV rivalry too late? Well, Volkswagen took us on a roadtrip along the Garden Route to prove skeptics wrong.

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First Drive: 2019 Suzuki Swift Sport & Vitara Turbo

I’ve just returned from an exciting Suzuki launch at Redstar Raceway in eastern Gauteng. This tyre-shredding day celebrated the arrival of the Japanese brand’s “Boosterjet” turbocharger technology in the agile Swift Sport and popular Vitara models.

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First Drive: 2019 Hyundai Tucson Sport

Hyundai South Africa appears to be a company with its finger on the pulse, reacting to market demands with the sort of speed and innovation we last saw in the late 80’s. While most of its rivals are hamstringed by dreary corporate rules these days, Hyundai still gets to play a little and produce bespoke cars like this Tucson Sport.

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Bekendstelling: 2019 Mahindra XUV300

Mahindra se nuutste sportsnuts, die XUV300

In die passasiersmotormark in Suid-Afrika wat tans maar traag is, is die segment vir die kleiner gesinsmotor die enigste een wat groei toon. Hierdie nuwe produk van Mahindra is duidelik vir die mark bedoel. Dit word die XUV300 (drie dubbel nul) genoem en pas mooi in tussen sy twee familielede, die klein KUV100 en die groter XUV500.

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Spirit of Amarok Media Uitdaging

Die “Spirit of Amarok Media Challenge” is in April 2019 naby Nelspruit gehou met 30 motor joernaliste wat deelgeneem het. Die “Spirit of Africa” en “Spirit of Amarok” staan onder die leiding van die legendariese Suid-Afrikaanse renjaer, Sarel van Merwe.

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