Tested: 2019 Jaguar XJ50

Many years ago, special and limited editions were all the automotive rage. Where most nations have moved on, the U.K. got stuck on Special Editions so badly that it’s almost impossible to purchase a non-SE automobile. Even high-end stuff like this Jaguar XJ get the treatment, although this XJ50 model is rather more bespoke than a 320d SE…

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Tested: 2019 Land Rover Discovery Td6

My parents once had a Land Rover Discovery. Its most redeeming features were a soft-ish ride and two-tone suede leather seats. Beyond that it blew its engine at 1,500km, chowed more fuel (and was slower) than an oil tanker, rattled like a can ‘o nails and randomly went into limp mode. So – is this newest one any better?

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Tested: 2019 Toyota Corolla (hatch) 1.2T XS Auto

D’you know what really irritates me? Sheepish behaviour. Add some overly common attributes to the mix and I lose interest so quickly that I actually consider growing a man-bun and wearing flannel shirts. And what’s the automotive epitome of sheepish solidarity? A white Toyota. Uh-oh…

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Tested: 2019 Audi RS4 Avant

The illustrious experience

Have you ever heard of the Cerwin-Vega DC1515? What sounds like an antique Russian transport plane is actually an American loudspeaker the size of a medium fridge. And trust me on this; you would remember if you ever met a pair. That same brutal immortality also applies to my latest test car, the new Audi RS4 Avant.

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Tested: 2019 Mercedes-Benz C180 AMG Line

The gentle progress

Ahh, the carefree days of early adulthood. My memories include Brollocks, Terrace, Bohemia, Mavericks and other Stellenbosch places but are dominated by the cars I came into contact with back then. One of them was a then-new Mercedes C180 and almost 20 years later I finally got a chance to test one of its direct descendants in earnest.

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