Tested: 2019 Jaguar XJ50

Many years ago, special and limited editions were all the automotive rage. Where most nations have moved on, the U.K. got stuck on Special Editions so badly that it’s almost impossible to purchase a non-SE automobile. Even high-end stuff like this Jaguar XJ get the treatment, although this XJ50 model is rather more bespoke than a 320d SE…

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Padtoets: 2019 Suzuki Swift GL 1.2 handrat

Suzuki Swift slaag laaste toets met vlieënde kleure

Oral in Suid Afrika se groot stede raak Suzuki’s gewilder, met die Japannese vervaardiger wat bykans elke nuwe maand hul eie rekord breek. Natuurlik is die klein Swift een van die hoofredes vir hierdie suksesverhaal en met ons onlangse besoek aan Johannesburg is dit weereens bewys waarom hierdie klein voertuig (met ‘n enorme persoonlikheid) so suksesvol is.

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Tested: 2019 Land Rover Discovery Td6

My parents once had a Land Rover Discovery. Its most redeeming features were a soft-ish ride and two-tone suede leather seats. Beyond that it blew its engine at 1,500km, chowed more fuel (and was slower) than an oil tanker, rattled like a can ‘o nails and randomly went into limp mode. So – is this newest one any better?

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Sprint Review: 2019 Renault Sandero Stepway Plus

Oh dear. For reasons which don’t matter anymore, I’ve test-driven this exact model before and after this review. Don’t despair though, dear reader, for I aim to bring you a fresh look at this bargain basement hatchback crossover thingy.

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Launch Report: Volkswagen T-Cross

The long-awaited T-Cross makes its way to our shores

Volkswagen South Africa has just launched its first small-compact SUV contender, just as the German manufacturer announced its new ideals for future mobility. The question, however, begs if Volkswagen did not maybe join the compact SUV rivalry too late? Well, Volkswagen took us on a roadtrip along the Garden Route to prove skeptics wrong.

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Ons kyk na die nuwe (2019) Defender

Bekend gestel in 1948, het die Land Rover reeks vroeg naam gemaak as een van die mees ikoniese 4×4 name ter wêreld. Oorspronklik gesien as ‘n simplistiese, maar uitmuntende voertuig vir die veld, het hierdie Britse handelsmerk ontwikkel in ‘n globale leier, wat bykans 8 eksklusiewe voertuie op die Suider-Afrikaanse mark verkoop.

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