Sprint Review: Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDi

A revered new bakkie, lots of info in short paragraphs

What you need to know: The Volkswagen Amarok was launched in 2010, mostly for a few bakkie-mad countries in the southern hemisphere. After its makers and owners had to endure cringe-worthy jokes about two litre milk and juice bottles, Amarok finally got a flagship 3-litre V6 model with its recent refresh.

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Sprint Review: Volkswagen Passat TDi

A new car, lots of information in short paragraphs.

What you need to know: The Volkswagen Passat has been around for ages and it shows. This sedan is one of those insider tips, it’s a no-brainer that deserves more sales but somehow gets ignored. Wrong badge? Perhaps in our closed minds because elsewhere (overseas markets) it’s often Volkswagen’s best seller.

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Sprint Review: Volkswagen Caddy Alltrack

A new car, lots of information in short paragraphs

What you need to know: The Volkswagen Caddy is a small family van with big space and sensible features. It’s available in two lengths, two trim levels and with two Turbo-diesel engines and two gearboxes – or five combinations thereof. This “Alltrack” model is the cool, extra-urban, cross-over version.

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Tested: Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Trendline 2.0 TDi

The recreational van

Say the name “Volkswagen Caddy” and two cars from my youth spring to mind. First was my father’s 1,800 Sport which brother-dearest and I used for Dad’s business and our own pleasure – the front tyres lasted 12,000km. Then there was my buddy’s Sport which eventually became a 250kW turbo monster around Tony Rust.

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Tested: Audi Q7 3.0 TDi Quattro

The smaller size

Bigger is always better, right? Well, that probably depends on who you ask so let’s keep our minds out of the gutter and firmly pinned on automobiles. With global trends of dwindling resources and heavier traffic, rising taxes and fuel bills, it’s no wonder Audi decided to shove its Q7 flagship SUV into the gym.

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List: South African Cars of the Year

Our southern neighbours have a guild of motoring journalists who, not always without some controversy, selected their pick of new cars since 1986. Here is a list of all winners since then and some links to our NamWheels Cars of the Year lists further down: 

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Top 5: Tow Vehicles

So it’s finally holiday time and you’re off to the coast with your boat to visit the in-laws. Or perhaps your daughter got a new horse for Christmas? In both cases you have our sympathy.

Jokes aside though, here’s our little list of cars that can tow big loads, arranged by number of models and total weight. Please note that we based this list on manufacturer’s figures and advise that you confirm any data with your local retailer.

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Launch Report: 2015 Volkswagen Passat

The smoother coincidence

Recent events have shoved the giant car maker Volkswagen onto its back feet but the colossus is using this situation to leap up with new focus and new products. Although it’s probably coincidence, their timing couldn’t have been better to introduce the new-generation Passat in southern Africa.

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