Road Trip: 2019 Renault Duster 4WD Dynamique

The comfort zone

I’m writing a book. Like every author before me, I think the world is just waiting to hear my amusing short stories entitled “The Wrong Car”. These detail the many memorable trips I’ve made with cars which were way out of their comfort zone… which happily doesn’t apply to my recent excursion to southern Namibia with this 4WD Duster.

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Long term test: 2018 Honda Amaze 1.2 Comfort

The new wave

Good news, dear reader. Everything is back to normal in one part of my automotive imagination. After years of turbo-diesel automatics, yodeling CVT’s and GreenDream gobbledygook, my overall impression of Honda has been yanked perilously close to its original state by this new 2018 Amaze 1.2 Comfort.

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Langtermyntoets: 2018 Honda Amaze 1.2 Comfort Handrat

Die naam sê alles.

Deesdae is daar vele vervaardigers wat wonderlike name aan nuwe voertuie gee. Name wat maklik oor die tong rol en ook dalk ‘n wenk mag gee oor hoe wonderlik en fantasties die nuwe voertuig is. Meestal gebeur dit dat die einste voertuie sukkel te voldoen aan hierdie naam. Om dus ‘n voertuig ‘n naam soos “Amaze” te gee, verg redelik baie waagmoed van Honda. In hierdie artikel sal ons kyk of die Japannese vervaardiger in dieselfde gat geval het en hul trots moet sluk, of wel ‘n verassende pakket ontwikkel het.

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Langtermyntoets: 2018 Suzuki Jimny

Welkom aan almal, by die splinternuwe Suzuki Jimny en ‘n ellelange waglys. Waarom is die splinternuwe Jimny so popular? Wel, ons het die Jimny vir ‘n maand lank getoets, spesifiek om hierdie punt te bewys.

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Long-term test: 2017 Isuzu KB 250 D-Teq double cab X-Rider

The complete poser

Golden geese, gift horses and hands that feed – surely you are familiar with these sayings? That’s as diplomatic as I can be about our latest long-term test vehicle, a bright red Isuzu KB X-Rider double cab bakkie which most of us at NamWheels drove over the festive season 2017 / 2018.

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Long term test: Volvo V40 D3

The gushing update

Today I’ll let you into another little secret of life – choose your travel companions wisely. What at first may seem like a quirky and interesting choice can sometimes turn into an annoying mistake or worse, an incessant bore. And if you’re a car enthusiast, that can also apply to your chosen mode of transport.

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Long term test: Opel Mokka

The thorough testing

We all know them, those long ribbons of tarmac which lead us to the next Namibian town. Usually dead-straight, kissing the hazy horizon and made from 50 shades of grey. Out here you need a proper car, something comfortable with good road-holding, great tunes and a fuel-efficient engine.

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Long term test: Opel Corsa Sport

The jolly colour

Where did you go on holiday? Henties, Cape Town, Thailand or maybe your uncle’s plaas? At the risk of sounding terribly spoilt, I did so much traveling in 2015 that I spent my entire holiday at home. Either with my feet up, my nose in a book, hands on a game controller or submerged in a swimming pool.

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Safari in a V6 sedan

The perfect job

It’s a crisp and sunny winter morning in the Kruger Park and a number of cars have bunched up in one place to get a better look at some interesting fauna. Lions juggling a baby giraffe or something. More worryingly though, in the midst of the obligatory Fortuners and Defenders is a silver Honda Accord V6.

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