Long-term test: 2017 Isuzu KB 250 D-Teq double cab X-Rider

The complete poser

Golden geese, gift horses and hands that feed – surely you are familiar with these sayings? That’s as diplomatic as I can be about our latest long-term test vehicle, a bright red Isuzu KB X-Rider double cab bakkie which most of us at NamWheels drove over the festive season 2017 / 2018.

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Long term test: Volvo V40 D3

The gushing update

Today I’ll let you into another little secret of life – choose your travel companions wisely. What at first may seem like a quirky and interesting choice can sometimes turn into an annoying mistake or worse, an incessant bore. And if you’re a car enthusiast, that can also apply to your chosen mode of transport.

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Long term test: Opel Mokka

The thorough testing

We all know them, those long ribbons of tarmac which lead us to the next Namibian town. Usually dead-straight, kissing the hazy horizon and made from 50 shades of grey. Out here you need a proper car, something comfortable with good road-holding, great tunes and a fuel-efficient engine.

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Long term test: Opel Corsa Sport

The jolly colour

Where did you go on holiday? Henties, Cape Town, Thailand or maybe your uncle’s plaas? At the risk of sounding terribly spoilt, I did so much traveling in 2015 that I spent my entire holiday at home. Either with my feet up, my nose in a book, hands on a game controller or submerged in a swimming pool.

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Safari in a V6 sedan

The perfect job

It’s a crisp and sunny winter morning in the Kruger Park and a number of cars have bunched up in one place to get a better look at some interesting fauna. Lions juggling a baby giraffe or something. More worryingly though, in the midst of the obligatory Fortuners and Defenders is a silver Honda Accord V6.

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Long term test: Honda Accord 2L

The six reasons

It turns out that we were on our best behavior throughout the year as we found a new Honda Accord under our Christmas tree last year. Although we weren’t allowed to keep the maroon metallic sedan indefinitely, the kind folks at Honda allowed us to use it all through the festive season.

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Long distance test: Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLS

The trip home

Should you not know this, motoring journalists are usually fed a stream of cars from various manufacturer press fleets. These groups of vehicles are registered to the factory and used for launches, road tests and long-term reviews, events and other automotive occasions. One such car is this white Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLS.

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Long term test: Opel Astra sedan 1.6T Cosmo

Meet Unit 9

Most motoring journalists resemble a walking automotive encyclopaedia, flavoured with a tad of opinion. The one thing we can’t comment on is the longevity of new vehicles, which is why I always look forward to testing a car for more than a week – in this case, Opel’s new Astra sedan in 1.6T Cosmo trim.

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