Top List: Emergency brake from 100km/h!

Have you seen our Top List of 0-100km/h times? You should, it’s really quite impressive. Anyway, we don’t just strap our fancy equipment to most press cars for testing their acceleration, no sir, since late 2016 we also do a once-off emergency stop from 100km/h. Here follows the list of cars from best to worst, by stopping distance: 

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Top5: Affordable Cars

Welcome to one of NamWheels’ more regular features – our list of top 5 car-related items.

Times are tough. You’re living on two minute noodles and your shoes have holes in them but you saved plenty of big notes (and a meaty deposit) for a shiny new car. Of course you could always look at a more affordable second-hand car (which offers better value) but we are focussing on new cars only.

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Top List: 0-100km/h times

So we don’t just drive around aimlessly, take random photos or count all the cup holders of test cars – oh no. Whenever we can, there’s a quiet stretch of road which we like to visit with our clever GPS device and a GoPro to measure and film a car’s acceleration. So; for your and everyone else’s entertainment, here is a list of all our measured 0-100km/h times (most with video!) from fastest to slowest:

Last updated: October 2019

Please read our Legend and disclaimer at the bottom of the page!

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Top 5: Car Buying Tips

So we thought of doing something fun for this top5 list but the local motor industry isn’t exactly fun at the moment; quite the opposite.

With that in mind we came up with a slightly more serious list – things we consider vital when purchasing a vehicle. Tough times and lacking funds should not be a reason to stop dreaming about your next car. We hope that these tips will encourage you to go out there and find your dream car!

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