Travel safely to your next vacation points by following these tips

The financial year has officially closed (for most of us) and almost everyone will head out onto the open road for a calm end to a busy year. You have done all the checks and are ready to hit the road, yet it will be important to take into account that you will be sharing the roads with more tourists, potentially not having taking as many precautions as you would have think.

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Veiligheidswenke vir die grondpad

Alhoewel grondpaaie steeds van die mees prominente grond oppervlaktes bly in Suider-Afrika, is daar nog baie motoriste, wat hierdie oppervlakte nog nie aangevat het nie. Grondpaaie kan lekker wees, wanneer daar met die natuur vereenselwig wil word of selfs as jy net daarvan hou om die voertuig ietwat vuil te maak. Grondpaaie bied egter ook ‘n nuwe manier van bestuur en ander waarnemings om in ag te neem as op die normale teerpaaie, waaraan ons gewoond is.

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Safety: Why you should service your car

Servicing your car makes it last longer and perform better – and there are people who don’t know that a car needs regular maintenance. We once met someone whose three-year old car had done about 40,000km without a single service. When asked why, the owner replied “because it doesn’t need one, it’s running just fine!”

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Safety: Never save on tyres!

Buying tyres can be so boring – and expensive!

However, we at NamWheels can’t stress enough that you should great care while buying a new set of shoes for your car. As the only contact patches your car has with the road, cheap tyres can be extremely dangerous to you, your passengers and other road users!

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BEFORE: Preventing a breakdown


Make sure your vehicle is maintained properly by having it serviced regularly, paying close attention to the cooling and electrical systems as these are prone to failure with age. Usual suspects that may perish include hoses,plugs, pumps, belts,wires, the battery or starter. 

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