Tested: 2019 Jaguar XJ50

Many years ago, special and limited editions were all the automotive rage. Where most nations have moved on, the U.K. got stuck on Special Editions so badly that it’s almost impossible to purchase a non-SE automobile. Even high-end stuff like this Jaguar XJ get the treatment, although this XJ50 model is rather more bespoke than a 320d SE…

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Tested: 2018 Jaguar E-Pace P300 AWD R-Dynamic HSE

The wrong speedo

Have you ever brought a knife to a gunfight? A speedo to a beach party? If you can imagine the buttocks-clenching feeling of such faux-pas, you have a good idea what state I was in while testing the newest compact SUV from Jaguar. You see, we didn’t just saunter through town with the E-Pace, we took it deep into the dirty Karoo.

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Bekendstelling: Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar se welpie, die E-Pace

Na die sukses van die F-Pace is die aankoms van sy kleiner broer nie ‘n verrassing nie. Met die E-Pace het Jaguar ‘n ontwerp van ‘n sportmotor met die funksionaliteit van ‘n sportsnutsvoertuig (SUV) gekombineer.  Volgens Jaguar is die E-Pace ontwerp om aanklank te vind by jonger mense met ‘n aktiewe leefstyl.

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Geskiedenis: TATA

TATA: Wat u nie geweet het nie!

Tata is reeds ‘n dekade of twee of meer ‘n vertroude naam in Namibië. Eers deur ingevoerde vragmotors uit Indië en later die bekendstelling van ‘n reeks bakkies en motors in suidelike Afrika. Die eerst Tata-bakkies wat hier vanaf die vloer gekoop kon word, was die Telcoline. Die naam van hierdie voertuig vertel eintlik die geskiedenis van die motormaatskappy.

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Tested: Jaguar F-Pace 20d R-Sport

The exclusive lines

The booming SUV market worldwide and in southern Africa has seen more and more competitors pop up for a piece of the action. Not too long ago, prospective buyers of luxury soft-roaders could call on Mercedes, BMW or Land-Rover. Then came Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Volvo and now – Jaguar.

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