Namibian License Plates

Ever wondered how many Namibian towns have their own number plates? Is Otavi OT or OV? Were you stuck behind a slow OM driver for hours and want to figure out why? Well, good news, NamWheels has all the details for you below in a handy table:

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Harley-Davidson Windhoek Grand Opening

Metje + Ziegler, authorised retailers of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Namibia invited new and prospective “Harley” owners, business partners and friends of the brand to the grand opening of their impressive showroom in Windhoek’s Southern Industrial Area on the first of April 2017.

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Special Report: Mike Horn

Mike Horn visited Namibia on his Pole2Pole expedition – we caught up with him before he left for Antarctica…

Most people fit into some sort of mold; a neatly-defined spectrum of their main characteristics. Fast forward beyond the artists, accountants or analysts and you eventually stumble upon a very unique group called “explorers”.

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Advertorial: Supercar Drive Days

Gift Experience South Africa: Super Car Drive Days

Have you ever dreamt of driving a supercar? Sure you have, why else would you be reading this? Your dream might just be within reach now if one innovative South African company has anything to do with it! We were recently invited by one of our biggest advertising clients, Gift Experience South Africa, to participate in one of their Supercar Drive Days for the public – a first on the continenent. 

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Pre-owned footprint

Pupkewitz Auto on the corner of Bell and Armstrong Streets in Windhoek opened its doors in May this year as part of the Pupkewitz Group’s aim to capture more of the pre-owned vehicle market in Namibia. As a leading new vehicle retailer, the group identified a stronger used car market as the ideal opportunity to enlarge its pre-owned dealership footprint beyond that of its franchised (brand-specific) outlets.

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Local Report: 2016 DRAG WARS

Serious machines, superbikes, a whole lot of fun and a new Namibian record!

Team RMC of Namibia with Speed & Sound hosted 16 fast cars from South Africa at the recent ‘DRAG WARS’ held at an airfield in Okahandja on Saturday 23 July 2016. This was the third installment of this amazing cross-border saga between Namibia and South Africa and, quite fittingly, took three months to plan and organise.

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Follow up: SPAR Beach Clean-Up

14 December 2015 – 1 January 2016

In a previous edition, we told you about an amazing local initiative to clean up beaches around the Henties Bay area. NamWheels recently chatted to the main man behind the clean-up and he shared the following with us:

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Local Report: SPAR Beach Clean-Up

Henties Bay was just the starting point for this amazing local initiative…

Namibia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, its contrasting countryside attracting local and international tourists in their thousands. Unfortunately, some foul elements seem to think that the world is their garbage can and in Namibia it’s no more evident than at the beautiful coastline. One local hero Johan Mostert had enough of this…

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