Sprint Review: 2021 Jaguar E-Pace D200 HSE

A million bucks. Let’s just get that out of the way before I tell you more about this stunning blue Jaguar compact SUV…

You should know: Yup, one million N$ should leave you with a bit of change or – and this is the more likely scenario – will be burned up by some tasty items on this elegant vehicle’s options list. For the record, you are now looking at a 2021 Jaguar E-Pace D200 AWD R-Dynamic HSE in BlueFire Blue with about 78 grand of extras fitted.

More info: Powering this chubby work of art is a fairly refined 2-litre turbo-diesel motor with up to 147kW or 430Nm; intelligently driving all four wheels via a smooth 8-speed automatic gearbox. As part of a recent refresh, Jaguar is following global trends by seemingly introducing a new gear lever every six weeks.

Pity, I miss the old animated dial.

Bad bits: Due to this car’s stylish window line, visibility is rather atrocious towards the back. Make sure you get one with every parking sensor and camera available! Also, when measured against its contemporaries, the Jaguar E-Pace never really feels planted and actually becomes flustered when driven in anger.

Good stuff: Should you behave yourself in traffic, it’s absolutely fine. More than fine, actually. The interior is wonderful. It’s a modern masterpiece of quality surfaces and attractive shapes, plus the new infotainment screen is a big improvement. Other good bits? Claimed fuel consumption of just 5.3L/100km from a generous 65L fuel tank.

What else? You can also order this attractive vehicle as a turbo-petrol, but we can highly recommend this accomplished diesel model. You can even save yourself 30 to 60 thousand bucks if you opt for one of its lesser spec’d derivatives. Jaguar also includes a 5-year/100,000km warranty and maintenance plan with each new E-Pace.


Engine:2L i-4 turbo-diesel
Transmission:8-speed Automatic, AWD
Max. Power:147kW
Max. Torque:430Nm
Avg. cons.:(claimed 5.3)
0-100km/h:(claimed 8.4)
Top Speed:Claimed 211km/h
List Price:From R965,000

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