Sprint Review: 2023 Kia Seltos 

I was going to list every available SUV on our market in alphabetical order until we got to this Seltos, but it appears that the internet might run out of ink before we get there…

You should know: Apologies, Kia South Africa and dear readers, for my sarcasm about the tsunami of SUV’s. But there are distinct advantages to this frenzied craze… firstly, Namibians are now spoilt for choice and secondly, because of the fierce competition, everyone is getting rather good at making these soft-roader types of vehicles.

More info: The Seltos is no exception. Its size, spec and drive train options were carefully crafted to fit into what local buyers desire. Hence you get a choice of five distinct models, encompassing three engines, three gearboxes and three trim levels. And while the fans of math work that out, let me tell you more about this 1.5 CRDi EX+ version we recently had on test.

Why you shouldn’t: Coated in Gravity Grey metallic paint (9 other hues are available), you only get a dark leather cabin and sombre charcoal 17-inch wheels on the EX+ models.

The reasonably rev-happy 1.5L diesel unit sends its 117hp (or 250Nm) through a fairly quick 6-speed automatic gearbox to the front wheels only.

All Seltos’ are 2WD only.

What else? Prices start at R441,000 and reach to almost R510,000 for this top-spec diesel automatic. Which, considering that most luxury vehicles start at 1 million bucks these days, is not bad for a family crossover with 8-inch infotainment system, smartphone integration, rear camera and peepers, plus most three-letter acronyms we desire: ABS, LED, RDS, HAC, USB, etc. etc.

The boot takes a respectable 433L of luggage.

Passenger space is acceptable for a young family, who’ll surely delight in the diamond-pattern leather, silver cabin accents and crisp displays of this vehicle. Ride comfort is most commendable (215/60R17 wheels), fuel use equally so and performance on the relaxed side with a 0-100km/h time of 10.98 seconds. Kia claims 11.5… and a top speed of 176km/h.

Why you should: Because it looks very modern, offers a comfy and clever cabin, strikes a good balance between power and consumption, while also taking care of space and safety. On top of that, Kia ships every one with a 5-year (unlimited mileage) warranty and 5-year 90,000km service plan… to make your crossover shopping even more agonising.


Engine:1,493cc in-line 4-cylinder turbo-diesel
Transmission:6-speed Automatic, FWD
Max. Power:86kW
Max. Torque:250Nm @ 1,500rpm
Avg. cons.:No claim
0-100km/h:10.98 (claimed 11.5)
Top Speed:176km/h (claimed)
List Price:R506,995

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