Sprint Review: 2023 Renault Captur 1.3T Intens EDC

Another day, another dozen new SUV’s. And now that I’ve got my cynical SUV greeting out of the way, let me introduce you to the new Renault Captur…

You should know: This is the second generation of the French sub-compact crossover effort, introduced internationally around 2019. Both generations shared their DNA with the equivalent Clio and in-house rival Nissan Juke, while this new one also does badge swapsies and sharies with Mitsubishi’s new ASX.

More info: It has all the city SUV credentials: 4.3m length, 1.8m width, barely 1.6m of height, 174mm ground clearance, five seats, sliding and folding split rear seats and thus, 405 to 1,275L of cargo capacity. Its small but punchy 1.3L turbo-petrol 4-cylinder sends a highly respectable 113kW to the front wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automated gearbox.

Renault claims just 6.6L/100km from the 48L tank, plus a top speed of 193km/h and 0-100km/h in 9.6 seconds. Our best attempt was a simply unbelievably 8.23 seconds!

Other markets get different sizes, turbo-diesel or even plug-in hybrid models but – probably in an effort to keep pricing and build time down – we only get the 1.3T in two spec levels.

What else? Your choice between “Zen” or this “Intens” iteration decides if you get extra driver aids, a heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, wireless charging tray, chrome trim, alloy wheels, posh pleather or more screen inches… over and above an extremely comprehensive specification level. Renault offers six colour choices with a black contrast roof reserved for Intens models.

Why you shouldn’t: Our Passion Red (with black roof) press vehicle currently costs R499,900 with a 5-year/150,000km warranty and 3-year/45,000km service plan. Not only is the latter sub-par in this segment, but there’s better value (or more space) found in its newest rivals from far east of here.

Why you should: Because, like us, you see this jacked-up Clio for what it is: a stunningly beautiful machine whose stylish cabin offers all the trendy gadgets we desire, with a very keen drive-train and pleasing ride, plus just the right amount of space and versatility for a young and active family.


Engine:1,332cc in-line 4-cylinder turbo-petrol
Transmission:7-speed Automatic, FWD
Max. Power:113kW @ 6,000rpm
Max. Torque:270Nm @ 1,700rpm
Avg. cons.:6.6L/100km
0-100km/h:8.23 (claimed 9.6)
Top Speed:193km/h (claimed)
List Price:R499,999

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