Sprint Review: Audi TT 45 TFSi

Years of refinement, strange new badges and an expensive colour come together in this Sprint Review of the Audi TT.

You need to know: The Audi TT is a bit of an anomaly – in my humble opinion – because it straddles traditional body descriptions of coupé and hatchback (or fastback). It’s too short and stubby to be a proper coupé but too stylish and sleek for a hatchback. You know what the Audi TT is? Unique.

The only similarly-proportioned cars I can think of are Nissan’s 350Z (which leans heavily towards the coupé side of the scale) and the original Ford Street/Ka; and that swings in the other direction. The TT is simply a class of its own and thanks to the four rings on its nose and rump, it’s also superbly executed.

More info: Everything looks and feels premium. The door-thunk noises, the shut lines, those trick ventilation controls, every touch surface in its avantgarde cockpit… they all feel like a million bucks. Which they should, because this teeny-tiny little two-door requires at least R670,000. Our bright blue press unit cost exactly R761,042.

Why? Because the Germans charge extra for stuff like clever LED headlights, big speakers or parking aids. This flat but vibrant “Turbo Blue” costs extra in other Audi models but didn’t appear in our vehicle’s options list. Unfortunately the firm’s local online configurators are defunct so I cannot confirm that.

Watch out for: Besides the price, its sporty (read: firm) ride, small boot and tiny rear seats, loud tyres, rather low driving position and minimal ground clearance. All the adaptive drivetrain goodies, intricate infotainment systems and other intelligent gadgets require a steep learning curve and oh, most of the instruments vanish when you reverse.

Why you want one: Style, quality and GTi-like dynamism rolled into one deliciously unique package. Performance and power delivery are just as excellent as their flipside – this TT can be a reasonably efficient cruiser, too. Our mixed average was a mediocre 10L/100km but at least it’s got a fairly large 50L fuel tank.


Engine: 2.0 i-4 turbo-petrol
Transmission:7-speed DCT, FWD
Max. Power:169kW
Max. Torque:370Nm
Avg. cons.: 10.2L/100km (claimed 6.3)
0-100km/h: 5.72 seconds (claimed 5.9)
Top Speed:Claimed 250km/h
List Price: From R 670,000

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