Dear Jane: Honda Jazz 1.3 Comfort CVT

The smooth appeal

Dear 2011 Honda Jazz 1.3 Comfort CVT,

Please accept my apologies for only putting fingers to keyboard now, even though we parted ways a few weeks ago. I won’t give you the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” routine but have to note that I was extremely busy recently.

By now you must’ve realised that the frequent arrival and disappearance of other cars means that I’m a serial dater, not always by choice though. I assure you that I still hold your stubby, versatile, Deep Sapphire Blue shape in the highest esteem and hope that we can still be friends.

I’m also a quiet admirer of your parent company and always enjoy spending time with your other Jazz sisters. Your hybrid sibling is a little hippy trippy but we had relaxing, sparing time together. I’m also glad to see that you inherited, to some degree, her CVT (continually variable transmission).

An attribute I always appreciate is the amazing way how y’all managed to pack so much space and versatility into such a compact, attractive shape. Jazz dashboards are a little too busy and playful, but that’s balanced by the amount of oddment space and ten cup holders.

My remaining impression of your interior was almost perfect; the front seats could do with more downward movement to accommodate us tall folk. And just to remind you: your rear seats do not make you look fat. In fact, those “Magic Seats” are a joy to operate and extend the 337L boot space to 883L.

More stuff I fancied was your punchy radio/CD/mp3/Aux/USB sound system, remote central locking, air-conditioning, power steering, power windows and mirrors, adjustable leather steering wheel with audio satellite buttons, comprehensive trip computer and your kinky headlight height adjuster.

I realise that it’s too late to apologise now, but I did appreciate the safety of your multiple airbags, ISOFIX mountings, ABS brakes with force distribution and emergency assist, alarm and immobiliser, auto locking doors, 3-year / 100,00km warranty and 4-year / 60,000km service plan.

Our brief time together reminded me why I keep promoting the Jazz range to family and friends – barring the wild dashboard, everything is just so easy and light to operate. And with that trick CVT gearbox, you can proudly call yourself a smooth operator.

Your gentle and fluent manner won’t appeal to everyone, nor will the noisy shriek when someone floors you, but I’m sure you’ll find love again in the arms of someone who likes rubbery, relaxed action. Those shift paddles behind your steering wheel are a nice touch, too.

For a 1300cc you have quite a bit of poke, did you know that? 73kW (99hp) and 127Nm aren’t too shabby, although that constant gear effort will only allow 0-100km/h in 14 seconds and a top whack of 175km/h. That’s probably why you don’t have traction control, right? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get personal.

I still remember how impressed I was by your average consumption of 5.4L/100km and CO2 output of just 129g/km. I also recollect that you hadn’t even worked your way through half the 42L tank by the time we parted company. You’re such a thrifty girl.

Rest assured that I miss you and often think back on our time together fondly – especially when you proved to be more comfortable than rough-riding and sporty. Rear comfort was slightly compromised at slow speeds, but at least you gave plenty of warning when I was about to push you too far.

I don’t mean to anger you any further but I have to mention that you were a little demanding when it came to price. At N$188,897 I can think of many alternatives but hasten to add that they’ll probably fail to achieve your combination of packaging, usability and reliability.

2011 Honda Jazz 1.3 Comfort CVT, you’re a real catch; and I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. Please send my warmest regards to aunty Civic and uncle Accord, and please feel free to drop in for a friendly cup of coffee if you’re in my neighbourhood again.


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