Sprint Review: 2022 Toyota Rumion

You are now looking at yet another Toyzuki. Suyota. I’m getting a bit cross with Toyota because Heaven knows that – at least in our parts of the world – they didn’t need a single shred of help with sales…

You should know: The Toyota Rumion is a Suzuki Ertiga with Toyota badges. The End. I won’t go into more detail about its heritage or design because somewhere on this platform you should find an Ertiga review: search here. And every time you read Toyota, just think Suzuki. Ditto for Ertiga and Rumion.

More info: I’m still a bit unsure why the ginormous Toyota Corporation is leaning on the comparably tiny Suzuki company for some swapsies and sharies. But what I can tell you with absolute certainty is that the concept is a fantastic idea, because Suzuki makes fantastic products. They’re affordable, reliable and great value. Like a Toyota!

Why you shouldn’t: Let’s be realistic here, trying to find fault with a modern Suzuki or Toyota is going to take forever. Unless we start talking about design, panache or exclusivity but those things are foreign concepts to what is essentially a 7-seater people mover. Its job is to be spacious and practical, which it is.

Why you should: The Rumion is easy to drive, uncomplicated to operate and most probably cheap to run. The 1462cc in-line 4-cylinder engine only kicks out 77kW or 138Nm, so it often requires both spurs in its flanks, especially if you fill it with passengers and/or head for high altitudes. The far rear seats are (obviously) a bit tiny.

0-100 took us 11.3 seconds and the top speed is claimed at 175km/h. High-speed manners are a bit wonky but as compensation for this, the Rumion offers 180mm of ground clearance. You may choose from three spec levels (S, SX and TX) with escalating luxuries and an optional 4-speed automatic gearbox on the two upper tiers.

What else? The turning radius is excellent, so is the air-con and (claimed) average fuel consumption: 6.2L/100km from the 45L tank. On top of being a super-reliable Suzuki with the country’s favourite badge (and dealer count) you also get a 3-year/100,000km warranty and small 4-visits/60,000km service plan. Prices range from R258,000 to R333,200.

The new Rumion is a no-brainer with extra no-brainer sauce.


Engine:1462cc in-line 4-cylinder petrol
Transmission:5-speed manual, FWD
Max. Power:77kW @ 6000rpm
Max. Torque:138Nm @ 4400rpm
Avg. cons.:Claimed 6.2L/100km
0-100km/h:11.32 seconds (no claim)
Top Speed:Claimed 175km/h
List Price:R317,000 (1.5 TX Manual)

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