Sprint Review: Peugeot 3008 1.6T GT

If you’re shopping around for a crossover city-SUV thing and considering the Peugeot 3008, I’ll spare you some time and suggest that you keep looking. However. If the 3008 GT is keeping you awake at night, please read on…

You should know: You probably know most of this already but generation II appeared around 2017 with an obligatory face-lift appearing in the glorious time waster called 2020. Sharing a platform with sister products Grandland or C5 Aircross, Peugeot made significant changes to the exterior detailing of this trendy vehicle.

What else? That new radiator grill is a modern work of art. Mercedes may have started the ball rolling with their A-Class pincushion effort but we’ve now snowballed to this… this… I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like a multi-layer cascading matrix of gradually increasing but simultaneously contracting chrome lines.

Does that sound right?

More info: You obviously know that this trend continues inside where you find a Playstation steering wheel, holographic instrumentation, chunky rocker switches straddling a chrome swoop around the driver, touch-sensitive panels behind that and brash leather trim with diamond-pattern quilting; to name a few.

Obviously you get plenty of safety and convenience features as standard, but the main emphasis here is daring design and amazing ambience. Let me put it this way: when the highly intuitive, multi-colour, multi-user touch screen is the most normal thing in the cabin, you know that you’re in a freaky-deaky machine!

Why you shouldn’t: Yeah, umm, how should I break this to you? At the time of composing this review, there were no Peugeot dealers in Namibia. This makes the acquisition of a 3008 GT jolly difficult; plus you’ll find its upkeep and potential resale to be a tad problematic, too. I guess you could get one from the Republic and drive it down for servicing?

Why you should: That’ll give you a proper excuse to experience this 3008 GT’s excellent ride and punchy engine. In true French fashion, the suspension copes with most sporting demands while always retaining a lovely layer of smoothness. The 1.6T engine sends up to 121kW or 240Nm to the front wheels via a smooth 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Not everyone was fond of this transmission, mind you, nor were all our testers convinced of the car’s execution or local service reputation. My guess it that anyone who’s gotten this far down the text probably doesn’t give a blasted baguette about such things. For the record, Peugeot S.A. sells each one with a 5-year/100,000km warranty and service plan.


Engine:1.6L i-4 Turbo-petrol
Transmission:6-speed Automatic, FWD
Max. Power:121kW
Max. Torque:240Nm
Avg. cons.:Claimed 7L/100km
0-100km/h:Claimed 8.9 seconds
Top Speed:Claimed 200km/h
List Price:From R651,900

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  1. the 1.6 turbo engine is highly underrated a mate of mine had one of these and they are super fun to drive great car


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