Tested: 2022 Volvo XC90 B5

Volvo is attempting to extend the fairly dated XC90 range by adding new engines which are even more friendly towards the environment,… or is that just me. Well that is my take on it. I might be wrong.

Quietly they have dismissed all diesel models through the wash bay at the back of each show room without too much media coverage on that. Again, mother earth on the outside was screaming for more breathing space, but what about us inside?

Lets talk about current models.

Even to some of us journalists it was also a surprise to not see any diesels on show room floors. Yes, me and my colleague, we do visit our local Volvo showroom for some finely crafted coffee beans… and it happened so, that with our last round of flat whites, there was a car plugged in, waiting for its next test ride: the XC40 Recharge, beautiful!

And with all other models, suddenly T and D does not apply anymore.

Every darn possible letter of the alphabet was replaced with a B: B5 and B6, that replaces the T5 and T6, and then diesels as mentioned, you will only find on Volvo’s approved 2nd hand floor.

We recently drove the B5 derivative (182 kW / 350 Nm) in the XC90. It employs a mild hybrid system, which you are aware of when you start the car. The engine kind-of rolls on, rather than getting help from the starter motor. But that’s where it ends with regards to driver experience if one has to focus on electric support.

The engine is always on when driving.

Don’t get me wrong. The car is silky smooth to perfection, but it’s not a completely different car when compared to a T5.

Power is virtually the same, and enough for the normal A to Z driver. The enthusiast will have to look at the B6 if more dynamism is expected.

We are quite curious to when this wolf is being replaced by what we believe will be a completely new version of the future.

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