Launch Report: 2021 Hyundai Staria

Welcome to the year 2030!

Hyundai has released the all-new Staria which replaces the H1 in it’s entirety! I’ll never forget when Toyota released the Previa (years ago) which seemed like they had imported it from the future. Do you also remember their TV ad, stating ‘I have never seen anything like it before’?

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Sprint Review: Audi A4 40TFSI S-Line

Is the car being perfected?

We recently tested the new Audi A4 40TFSI, and one question that came to mind was from a statement that a business woman in Cape Town once made back in 1995. We had a discussion one evening in a restaurant, and she alleged that a certain German brand has perfected the car. I was reminded of her statement during the time we had this striking blue Audi A4 on test.

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The Renaulution is upon us

Renault has big plans; not just for the short term, but more importantly, for the long term. The group is set to undergo a strategic paradigm shift. Its main aim is to move from a focus on volumes to a focus of value, which is a constant growing demand from customers.

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Bekendstelling: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe

Nuwe Santa Fe gereed vir Suider-Afrikaanse paaie

Die afgelope twee dekades het ‘n merkwaardige groei vir Hyundai in Suider Afrika gesien. Net mooi gedurende die afgelope jaar, het die Suid-Koreaanse vervaardiger op geskuif na die derde plek in terme van familie voertuie verkope. Hierdie is grootliks te danke aan ‘n puik 7-jaar waarborg, asook die uitbreiding van hul Sportnutsvoertuig modelle.

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