The Renaulution is upon us

Renault has big plans; not just for the short term, but more importantly, for the long term. The group is set to undergo a strategic paradigm shift. Its main aim is to move from a focus on volumes to a focus of value, which is a constant growing demand from customers.

The Renault group has been in Southern-Africa for the past 26 years and is now ready to take on a new venture. The aim is to let the brand grow responsibly by focusing on value, rather than volume.

“…focusing on value, rather than volume.”

With a new strategic aim, naturally a new logo will be the first change. Renault has therefore changed its logo to embody the idea of “Novelle vague”, translating to the provision of products, which are current to modern times. From 2024 onwards, all Renault vehicles will carry this logo.

Leading Electronic Vehicle (EV) sales figures in Europe, the company is set to focus more on technology, rather than cars itself. Therefore, it is set to generate more profit through value for money vehicles. Thereafter, the company will set its sights on technology, energy and mobility.

The new Renault 5 prototype is just one example of what the company is aiming for. By 2025, the manufacturer aims to launch 7 new EV’s and 7 vehicles within the C and D segments. The brand will also focus on becoming the leader in clean energies.

The Renaulution is set to follow 3 phases, where 2023 will be earmarked for cash generation and recovery, while 2025 will see a renewed and enriched model line-up. Lastly, the plan after 2025 will be to revolutionise the energy and mobility sector.

Besides focusing on the C-segment, half its new vehicles will be EV’s, whilst also tackling the hybrid market head-on.

Within the group alliance, Dacia-Lada as it is more fondly known in Europe, will stay focused on producing rough and tough products, whilst also incorporating new technologies.

Alpine will not only be 100% electric, but will also be dedicated towards the development of exclusive and innovative sports cars for the Renault group. Formula 1 will also therefore be at the heart of this project, whilst also developing the next generation EV sports cars for Lotus.

Mobilize is a new business segment of the alliance. This will form 20% of Renaults’ profit in the future and will be focused on developing car sharing platforms, ride hailing and last mile delivery.

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