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“I am the best driver in the world”

Whether you have just finished your K53 training, have been driving for 50 years, or aspire to become a racing driver, most of us like to be reassured that we are competent and well-rounded drivers. However, truth be told, everyone makes mistakes, even if you manage to win a Formula 1 race every other weekend.

Increasing population growth and more cars on the road certainly means that one has to be more awake and prone to other road user habits.

Ever since my first driving lesson, I was told to never only drive for yourself, but to always keep an eye on the other drivers close to you. It might sound simple, but plays a pivotal safety role on my daily commute. Constantly analysing and testing your road skills might be useful.

The “Volkswagen Driving Academy” can certainly help you to craft your skill levels, whether you are new to the road, or only want to prove to others that you are a responsible driver. A professional team, some with past (and present) racing pedigree, are well equipped to help you test your abilities.

The Driving Academy presents the following packages:

New Driver Program 

Mastering the K53 (S.A. road licence) does not make you the perfect driver. In fact, it may only serve as a quick introduction to your new relationship with the road. However, this driving course may help you to adapt better to the road in a fun and interactive way. To make it even more exciting, learners will be provided with the opportunity to drive new models such as the Up, Polo Vivo and the new Polo.

Packaged as a short (but effective) half-day course, this advanced course will help learners to race around the skidpan to set competitive Gymkhana times, as well as to learn about the potential results of texting and driving.

Part of the mentoring will also include driving evaluation, general road rules, potential hazards, correct seating and vehicle inspection. In terms of safety, the course will also help to recognise braking distances and sudden occurrences.

Don’t yet know how to change a tyre, check oil & water, or know what to do on the scene of an accident? This course also has it covered.

Safety Course Driving

This specific course will be ideal for any daily road user (private and company cars included).

The one day course will help you to form new perspectives on hi-jack prevention (types and correct habits), car control on a skidpan (collision avoidance, slalom, ABS / ESC Lane Change and braking without ABS) and defensive driving (hazards, visual awareness, anticipation and vehicle inspection).

Even better is that you will be driving a new Golf GTi, Golf GTD, Arteon, Tiguan and Amarok.

High Performance Course Driving

Another ‘fun’ edition to the course line-up is the full-day race track mentoring. This course will help you to better control a car at high speeds, check up on collision avoidance, slalom, ABS / ESC lane change and gymkhana skills. It will also evaluate and improve your cornering abilities, brake steering, acceleration and safety approaches.

All this will be done in the latest Golf GTi or Golf R models.

Amarok 4×4 Experience

Interested in showing off to your friends what you can do on the next 4×4 outing? Then this half-day course will also be very beneficial to learn everything from basic off-roads skills, to more advanced 4×4 driving and course obstacle management.

This specific course (featuring the 2.0 and v6 Amarok models) will help you to better evaluate changing terrains such as sand, different gradients and natural obstacles (such as slippery slopes and water).

*All courses include a participation certificate upon completion

Price Listing:

  • New Driver Programme: R 1500
  • Safety Course Driving: R 2525
  • High Performance Course Driving: R 3230
  • Amarok 4×4 Experience: R 2020

Driving Academy crew: Donovan van der Walt, Nicole Lennard, Matthew Merton, Kuda Vazhure, Adrian Wood, Gavin Munro and Wesley Vosloo

The Volkswagen Driving Academy selection definitely proves to be worth it and might not just help you to feel confident, but also calm your passengers and next-door road user.

For more information please contact 082 848 0208 or visit

Text: Franco Theron
Pictures: Volkswagen of South Africa 

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