Know your tyres: Minimum Tread Depth

Although Namibia isn’t exactly known for its adverse weather conditions, sufficient tread can make a huge difference to how your car holds the road, uses fuel and behaves in an emergency situation.

Besides the fact that worn tyres are illegal, they pose a huge risk to you, your passengers and any fellow road users.

So how do you know if your tyres are worn? The legal limit for a tyre’s tread depth is 1.6mm but it is recommended that you change tyres before then. Modern tyres have diagonal ridges which, once exposed, indicate that you should replace the tyre.

Tyres which are going bald (i.e. blank profile) are far beyond the limit while any visible sign of a tyre’s canvas or metal belt is even worse – and a looming disaster.

If you are in doubt about the state of your tyres or simply need some help, have your tyres checked by a qualified retailer or technician.

Which make of tyre is good? Yet again, speak to the experts who deal with cars and tyres all day. They can also advise you on the best rubber for the type of driving you do. We advise buying the best you can afford although we’ve had good experiences with lesser known tyre brands – and a few punctures of well-known tyres.

Don’t buy second-hand!

The depth of these ridges should be at least 1.6mm

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