Safety: Pedestrians

Pedestrian fatalities and injuries are sadly always part of our traffic statistics but could be minimised or prevented if all road users were more informed. Read below to see our great safety tips for pedestrians and motorists. 


Keep an eye out

Be mindful when driving at night and in urban areas. Slow down when passing stationary vehicles or while making a turn. Go extra slowly past schools and playgrounds!

Drive responsibly

DO NOT SPEED or drive recklessly! To further aid pedestrians, turn your headlights on and, if need be, sound your hooter.

Anticipate danger

Expect the unexpected – pedestrians may suddenly step into the path of your vehicle. DO NOT phone or text while driving! By paying extra attention you are able to react quickly – and possibly save lives.


Keep looking

Look left, right and left again when crossing the road; but keep looking as you cross. Do not run across the road! 

Walk responsibly

Do not walk in the road, that’s what pavements (sidewalks) and road verges are for. Try to walk facing oncoming traffic so you can identify potential dangers. DO NOT walk on highways or next to high-speed roads and STAY AWAY from traffic if you’re dronk!

Stay alert

Look and listen all the time, don’t get distracted by cellphones or other gadgets. For extra safety, dress in bright or even reflective materials (especially at night) and only cross roads where it’s safe to do so.

Help others

Children and the elderly often need assistance, offer it where and when you can. Teach children from an early age how to read traffic, look properly and safely cross the road. DO NOT let children play in the street or near high-speed traffic!

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