Supercar Drive Days

News: Hyundai ranked 6th among global automotive brands

Hyundai Motor has been ranked among the highest valued brands in the world once again, according to the latest rankings published by global brand specialist Interbrand. Hyundai’s global brand value grows 3% since 2017 to a company record high of US$ 13,5 billion (about R 200,8 billion).

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Namibian License Plates

Ever wondered how many Namibian towns have their own number plates? Is Otavi OT or OV? Were you stuck behind a slow OM driver for hours and want to figure out why? Well, good news, NamWheels has all the details for you below in a handy table:

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Top List: Emergency brake from 100km/h!

Have you seen our Top List of 0-100km/h times? You should, it’s really quite impressive. Anyway, we don’t just strap our fancy equipment to most press cars for testing their acceleration, no sir, since late 2016 we also do a once-off emergency stop from 100km/h. Here follows the list of cars from best to worst, by stopping distance: 

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