New Range Rover launched on Southern African soil

Since its international showcase and launch, several viewers and readers bugged us as to when the new Range Rover will be launched locally. Well, wait no more…

South Africa recently welcomed the new Range Rover, which is said to start around R3 million. With a wide variety of models available, we took this new version on the open road this week.

This high-tech, exclusive SUV is now somewhat longer and taller than its predecessor, and will include several hybrid units within the range. The new Range Rover borrows the in-line 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine (257kW and 750Nm) from the likes of the new Discovery and Defender. Yet, should the grunt of a V8 be more appealing, the Range Rover range also offers a 4.4-litre turbo-petrol unit (390kW and 750Nm). Lastly, the straight-6 hybrid engines will complete the range, however, they are only scheduled to arrive by the end of this year.

The monstrous V8 is capable of a 0-100km/h dash in a mere 4.6 seconds, causing many hot hatchbacks to hide their tails between their legs. Obviously, the V8 will be more thirsty for fuel, compared to the turbo-diesel. The former averages around 14.5l/100km, while the latter presents a figure just above 11l/100km.

That model is also said to cover a distance of 113km on electric power alone. Range Rover further hopes to add a fully-electric unit to its armoury by 2024. The new range therefore caters for a wide array of customer choices.

Another new addition to the line-up is four-wheel steering. This system works marvelously to decrease the turning radius of this large SUV.

The interior has also been upgraded with luxurious and very comfortable leather seats. The infotainment screen as well as the digital cluster behind the steering wheel are larger and more detailed; with improved contents and operation.

To add to this, the car now features wireless connectivity and the latest app connectivity (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay). There’s also a fridge in the centre console, capable of storing and cooling four water bottles.

The Range Rover would not be complete without luxuries such as a wide variety of cameras, seat massaging, and more screens in the second seating row.

The large 2.6 tonne luxurious SUV certainly attracts a lot of attention, with even the side steps being electrically operated. Yet, some might fear that such a large vehicle must be as difficult to manoeuvre as a large ship.

Fear not. The new Range Rover feels extremely refined, highly composed and surprisingly light on its feet. Both the V8 and straight-6 engines provide ample power delivery, while the car itself glides over the road, thanks to the air suspension. The cabin is so well insulated that almost no road noise makes its way through.

The new Range Rover range simply stands above the rest of the competition and brings with it a new threshold when it comes to luxurious ride quality. We would definitely not shy away from testing this vehicle on the wide open gravel roads of Namibia!


The new range currently has a vast range of models, each sold with a 5-year / 100 000km warranty and maintenance plan.

  • D350 HSE Standard Wheelbase = R 2 947 000
  • P530 HSE Standard Wheelbase = R 3 117 000
  • D350 Autobiography Standard Wheelbase = R3 409 000
  • P530 Autobiography Standard Wheelbase = R 3 579 000
  • P510e Autobiography Standard Wheelbase = R 3 633 000
  • D350 First Edition Standard Wheelbase = R 3 537 000
  • P530 First Edition Standard Wheelbase = R3 688 000
  • P510e First Edition Standard Wheelbase R 3 689 000
  • D350 Autobiography Long Wheelbase = R 3 494 000
  • P530 Autobiography Long Wheelbase = R 3 664 000
  • D350 First Edition Long Wheelbase = R 3 621 000
  • P530 First Edition Long Wheelbase = R 3773 000
  • D350 Autobiography Long Wheelbase 7-seater = R 3 525 000
  • P530 Autobiography Long Wheelbase 7-seater = R 3 695 000
  • D350 SV Standard Wheelbase = R 3 973 000
  • P530 SV Standard Wheelbase = R4 038 000
  • P510e SV Standard Wheelbase = R 4 081 000
  • D350 SV Long Wheelbase = R 4 407 000
  • P530 SV Long Wheelbase = R 4 473 000

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