Puma Energy expanding its footprint

With about 840 fuel stations on the African continent, Puma Energy aims to broaden its footprint on the continent, with even cleaner and better fuel technologies.

We recently attended the Puma Energy media day at the Kyalami Festival of Motoring to hear more about their offering. Being the main fuel sponsor at the event for the third year in succession, the fuel supplier also put proof in the pudding when they took us for several laps around the track.

Launching its new PumaMax 95 additised fuel for the South-African market, the new unleaded fuel is said to include more performance-enhancement additives, which improves outright engine performance and fuel economy. This is done in an aim to comply and improve on strong government emission regulations. The additised fuel will therefore have minimal toxic emissions and less harmful deposits within the engine.

The tests conducted in the Australian market showed cleaner inlet valves, smooth laminar air flow (around the valve stem and seat), as well as excellent power delivery, resulting in improved drivability and reduced emissions.

Giving us a slight taste of the PumaMax95 performance, Philip Kekana took us around the track in a quick Mini Cooper John Cooper Worx. The driver will be joined by more cars and drivers this weekend to take the public for some exhilarating laps.

Commenting on the fuel itself, Kekana mentioned the following: “I am impressed by the efficiency and smooth performance that the PumaMax 95 fuel additive brings to my driving experiences. It makes perfect sense for racing champions like myself and for all motoring enthusiasts that are looking for the latest, most sustainable and economical fuel solutions.”

In addition to more performance, PumaMax 95 also helps to keep the engine clean with excellent deposit control and best in class injection performance (minimal deposit formation in the combustion chamber). It also helps with more corrosion protection as the interior of any engine will be prone to corrosion.

Lastly, the new PumaMax95 fuel also helps reduce fuel consumption and the engine performance is enhanced.

Puma Energy is currently situated in 19 countries between Senegal and South Africa and also looks to expand its footprint into the westen parts of the continent. It is therefore the fastest growing independent fuel distribution company in Africa.

In all, Puma Energy has a footprint in 49 countries and 8 400 employees. It was formed in 1997 in America, after which it has expanded globally.

Its core activities include the supply, storage and transportation of Petroleum products. Starting its operations in South Africa in 2015, the brand started with the acquisitions of Brent oil and Drakensberg Oil. Today the brand has expanded across the whole of the country.

The brand also supplies 47 airports across Africa with aviation fuels.

Text: Franco  Theron 
Pictures: Galimoto Media 

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