BEFORE: Preventing a breakdown


Make sure your vehicle is maintained properly by having it serviced regularly, paying close attention to the cooling and electrical systems as these are prone to failure with age. Usual suspects that may perish include hoses,plugs, pumps, belts,wires, the battery or starter. 

Pre-drive check

Before setting off, check that your car starts and runs as it should. Any difficulties or irregularities may spell an imminent breakdown. Make sure your mobile phone is charged in case you need to call for help. Don’t forget to test all the lights on your car and also check the tyres!

DURING: Dealing with a breakdown


Few drivers knowingly head for a breakdown so your car may stop in an unsafe area. Park or push it out of traffic as soon as you can;when it is safe to do so. If the area looks unsafe, stay in your vehicle and call for help with your mobile phone!

Safe zone

Your vehicle should have a warning triangle (as in the picture) which you must set up a few metres behind your car. If you are stopped in fast traffic, a concealed area or the dark, double the distance!

EQUIPMENT: Carry these in your car

A few litres of water, towrope, gloves, torch,high-visibility clothing


  • Police: 061 10111
  • City Police (Windhoek): 061 211 111
  • Aeromed: 061 249 777
  • MedRescue: 061 230 505/6/7

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