Sprint Review: 2018 Nissan Navara 2.3D D/C 4×4 LE Auto  

 A new bakkie, lots of information in short paragraphs. 

What you need to know: I feel sorry for the Nissan Navara, don’t you? What used to be a big, powerful, albeit expensive bakkie is now mostly known for being the basis of the new Mercedes X-Class. And don’t people just go out of their way to tell you about it, as if nobody else knew, as if they’re imparting fresh gossip. Yawn.

Having spent a few days with this dark grey metallic press unit, I can certainly see why Merc decided to base their bakkie on this beast. As pick-ups go, this one is high up on my list for refinement and comfort, two things which most bakkies get terribly wrong. It feels sturdy yet sophisticated.

More facts: Every modern Navara is powered by this 2.3L turbo-diesel four pot with 140kW or 450Nm. You only get it in double-cab body form, six-speed manual or this seven-speed automatic gearbox. Towing capacity is 750kg, the ground clearance about 230mm, 1110 load capacity and the tank holds up to 80L of 50ppm.

The 4×4 system is selectable via a dashboard knob and includes low range as well as a rear differential lock. Nissan does not provide performance figures; but we do. Our best 0-100km/h run took 10.91 seconds with deactivated ESP and impressive rear wheel spin. One full-bore emergency stop from 100km/h took 3.08 seconds and 43.24 meters.

Where we went: Office parks, suburban roads, stables, a neighbouring town, the farm. This double cab adjusted to whatever environment we could find and even got the abundant approval of two discerning executives in my immediate family. The Navara’s image, gadgets, space and ride comfort impressed them the most.

Watch out for: Obviously, the 600-plus grand price tag of this model. The 4×2 is about 55k cheaper and manual knocks off another 20k. The more affordable “SE” derivates are priced below 500,000. If you’re not used to modern bakkies, this thing’s size might overwhelm you and your parking skills.

Why you’ll want one: Modern gadgets, power and safety in a big, car-like double-cab. The media system is a bit dated but worked well, while everyone loved the power sliding rear window. Also, you won’t see a new Navara on every street corner (cough, Hilux!) and Merc may struggle with initial X-Class stock so you may as well buy this at a considerable saving.

Every Navara is sold with a six-year/150,000km warranty and a three-year/90,000km service plan.


Engine:                   2.3L i-4 turbo-diesel
Transmission:        7-speed automatic, selectable 4×4
Max. Power:           140kW
Max. Torque:         450Nm
Avg cons.:               7.0L/100km (claimed)
0-100km/h:           10.91 seconds
Top Speed:             Claimed 180km/h
List Price:               Starting at R611,500


0-10km/h: 0,59 seconds
0-20km/h: 1,29 seconds
0-30km/h: 1,91 seconds
0-40km/h: 2,74 seconds
0-50km/h: 3,71 seconds
0-60km/h: 4,86 seconds
0-70km/h: 6,06 seconds
0-80km/h: 7,41 seconds
0-90km/h: 9,16 seconds
0-100km/h: 10,91 seconds
0-110km/h: 12,97 seconds
0-120km/h: 15,44 seconds
0-130km/h: 18,71 seconds
0-140km/h: 22,33 seconds

0-100m: 7,59 seconds @ 81,15km/h
0-200m: 11,50 seconds @ 102,51km/h
0-300m: 15,38 seconds @ 116,16km/h
0-400m: 17,70 seconds @ 126,98km/h

100-0km/h: 3,08 seconds @ 43,24 meters (once-off)


0-10mph: 1,03 seconds
0-20mph: 2,08 seconds
0-30mph: 3,50 seconds
0-40mph: 5,39 seconds
0-50mph: 7,47 seconds
0-60mph: 10,28 seconds
0-70mph: 13,57 seconds
0-80mph: 18,29 seconds

Maximum acceleration G-force: 0,54G

1/4 mile: 17,76 seconds @ 79,02 mph

Altitude: 60m

All data captured by Racelogic® Performance Box

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