Sprint Review: 2022 Mitsubishi ASX 2.0 ES

The Mitsubishi ASX may seem like it’s getting lost in a sea of trendy tech-mobiles but it offers a few wholesome advantages for sensible buyers.

You should know: The first draw card of this vehicle is the perceived reliability and quality of its Japanese brand. Unfortunately the silver diamond doesn’t have a squeaky-clean record – I once broke down in a new ASX – but their aftersales service and customer care attitude was highly commendable. Better than some Germans…

More info: The recipe for this current ASX is certainly wholesome: naturally-aspirated motor with big cylinders, not too many gears driving the front wheels with sensible tyre sizes (215/65R16). Read: this vehicle is a safe (and very soothing) haven for people who dislike jerky 19-speed triple-clutch gearboxes and painted-on tyres.

Why you shouldn’t: If you want cutting-edge drive train stuff, this isn’t the car for you. Also, the boot size isn’t very generous at just over 400L (or 1,200L with the seats folded flat) and if you go beyond this entry-level ES version, the aforementioned tyres sizes shrink to more modern – and uncomfortable – dimensions.

Available with a manual or automatic transmission

Why you should: Typing of which, the ASX is just 4.3m long, turns in 10.6m and it offers up to 195mm of ground clearance. With a kerb weight of just 1,375kg, this little Mitsu alleges to use an average of just 7.5L/100km from the comparatively humungous 62L tank. That gives you a theoretical cruising range of 840km between fill-ups.

What else? The warranty and service plan are acceptable at three years each and 100,000 or 60,000km respectively, but even this basic ASX offers LED this, Bluetooth that and all the power or safety goodies we’ve all become accustomed to.


Engine:1,998cc i-4 petrol
Transmission:5-speed Manual, FWD
Max. Power:110kW @ 6,000rpm
Max. Torque:197Nm @ 4,200rpm
Avg. cons.:Claimed 7.5L/100km
0-100km/h:Claimed 9.6 seconds
Top Speed:Claimed 194km/h
List Price:From R380,000

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