Sprint Review: Honda Amaze 1.2 Comfort

In tough times we need sensible, affordable vehicles and Honda has a pretty good one…

You need to know: The Honda Amaze sedan is sensible and affordable. Made in India, it’s not exactly stylish or – as its name suggests – amazing in any way but at around R205,000 it offers extremely good value for money. There’s even a budget version for 185k and a commuter-friendly automatic at around R222,000.

More info: All Amazes are powered by a perky 1.2L petrol four-cylinder kicking out up to 90 horsepower. That may sound pathetic but thanks to a dry weight of 925kg, this little Honda is relatively spritely. Our best 0-100km/h sprint (at the coast) was 11.65 seconds with considerable spin from the front wheels.

Why? Because of the engine’s rev-happiness, lively power delivery and those skinny 175/65R15 tyres. One ABS and EBD-assisted emergency stop from 100 took 2.9 seconds and 41.27 metres. Those are acceptable values at this price point and the vehicle was still controllable during hard braking.

Watch out for: The lack of traction or stability control makes spirited cornering (or fast evasive manoeuvres) rather tricky. Some observers disliked this compact sedan’s chubby proportions, chrome uni-brow, manual boot opening or the overwhelmingly beige interior. Honda S.A. does offer a black pleather option…

We actually drove an Amaze 1.2 Comfort for a few weeks during the Christmas season 2018/9 (read the full report here) and it coped with most of my young family’s demands. It’s comfortable, very economical (6.6L/100km), relatively roomy (420L boot) and only reaches its limits with severe loads, altitude, speed and/or temperatures.

Why you want one: The price, obviously. But you can happily sign on the dotted line because it’s a Honda so it will be reliable; and inexpensive to maintain. It’s devoid of finicky gadgets or fragile luxuries and thanks to its Indian roots it has the attitude and altitude (170mm ground clearance) to cope with life in southern Africa!


Engine:1.2 i-4 petrol
Transmission:5-speed Manual, FWD
Max. Power:66kW
Max. Torque:110Nm
Avg. cons.:6.6L/100km (claimed 5.6)
0-100km/h:11.65 seconds (claimed 12.3)
Top Speed:Claimed 160km/h
List Price:R205,400

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