Sprint Review: Isuzu D-Max 300 D/C 4×4 LX (Auto)

Believe it or not, at some point this was the most popular vehicle on our parent company Galimoto Media’s Youtube channel. Not by sheer hits but simply in the number of requests…

Why you shouldn’t: So much for this car’s popularity because, honestly, this Isuzu double-cab feels a bit last century. That also goes for its noisy engine, cabin trim, performance, turning radius, tyre noise, headlight intensity, audio system, instrument cluster, driver visibility and oh… the ride.

Oh, the ride!

More info: If you’re used to a 30-year-old Hilux, this will be fine. More than fine, actually. But if you’ve ever been exposed to an automobile made after the year 2000, the jittery firmness of this ladder-frame monster will shock you. Ditto for the elusive steering feel. But all of this doesn’t necessarily add up to a bad product…

Why you should: While other brands are doing painful splits between tough pick-ups and luxury lifestyle, Isuzu just plods on with their trusty workhorses. “What’s that, they want Bluenav? Here, try this new-fangled touch-thing.” For the record, it’s not very intuitive and often takes 10 minutes to start up.

What else? Most things in this vehicle feel (rightfully) out-dated and durable. Isuzu doesn’t even publish a claimed 0-100km/h time so I went out and recorded a best of 11-or-so seconds. All the while, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would rather round up 100 old droppas in the veld.

Summary: Sure, this might have snazzy alloys and a shiny nose but underneath that beats the two-tone veldskoen heart of a plaasbakkie. Keep that in mind and the new D-Max 300 with its relaxed six-speed automatic gearbox (and part-time 4×4) will serve you well.

This model currently retails for R666,500 and includes a 5-year 120,000km warranty with a 5-year/90,000km service plan.


Engine:3L i-4 turbo-diesel
Transmission:6-speed Automatic, AWD
Max. Power:130kW
Max. Torque:380Nm
Avg. cons.:Claimed 7.8L/100km
0-100km/h:11.28 seconds (no claim)
Top Speed:Unknown  
List Price:R666,500  

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