Sprint review – Landrover Defender 90 Limited Edition

Many impressions, very few words. Short and sweet!

What it is: A bright orange with black short wheel base Landy. Unfortunately unavailable for purchase (unless you can bribe someone to sell you theirs second hand) as they’ve all been snapped up!

What’s it like? Driving a Defender 90 is like getting into an oversized toy and fooling around. The short gear ratios in the first two gears followed by longer ratios take a bit of getting used to but thereafter all you want to do is find a few muddy puddles to throw the vehicle at and to mess about in. Which we did. Comfort wise, the 90 is a harder ride, a tad cramped, very upright but tough and robust. Exactly what you’d expect from the king of off-road driving.

What did we do with the 90? Lots and lots of muddy puddles, a trip up the rutted farm roads, several trips to the stables, the usual work commute and a drive into the city. Admittedly, the 90 is most at home off-road but handled high-way travel with equanimity… Albeit rather noisily.

What did people say? Responses varied from exclamations on the paint job (how garish!) to drooling over the cute 4×4 capability of the car. Which leads me to conclude… on a Defender 90, and this one is no exception, you’re either a fan and will love it or you’ll run a mile before setting foot inside of one.


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