Tested: Jaguar XF 25t R-Sport

The luscious cruiser

I’ve always attempted to deviate from the norm. It’s more fun that way. Why settle for what everyone else has? Why follow the crowd? Sure, it’s a lot safer, people won’t point fingers at you but I think you lose your sense of identity by being so-called ‘normal’ and quite frankly, that’s too boring for my taste.

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Sprint Review: Volvo XC90 T5 Inscription

A whole lot of impressions, very few words.

What’s it about? Volvo have got canny with presenting a big SUV with a small 2litre, 4-cylinder engine and making it so stylishly desirable and fantastic to drive that you’ll want one… if you’re happy to pay the hefty price tag that is. We tested the T5 Inscription, an upper power level version of the new XC90 and were suitably impressed.

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Sprint Review: Opel Corsa 1L

Opel Corsa 1L Enjoy EcoFlex

I’ve always associated an Opel Corsa with those vibrant sea-green or metallic purple bubble-like cars that almost every acquaintance and student seemed to drive at some point in the late 90s. The new Opel Corsa is a far cry from these simple cars and I absolutely loved our recent test model.

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Sprint Review: Isuzu KB 3.0 D-Tec 4×4

One new car, lots of information

As a city kid that was transplanted to a farm at the tender age of 10, a bakkie has always held a certain kind of magical fascination for me. I think it stems from those early days of embracing farm life on a massive estate that mixed dairy, sheep, fruit and grape farming into one fabulous whole and which was managed by friendly farm managers who didn’t mind nosy kids tagging along for a ride on the back of their sturdy farm bakkies.

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Tested: Volvo XC90 AWD D5 Inscription

The great anticipation

I’ve been so looking forward to testing the latest offering from Volvo. There’s been massive hype around the launch and I was privileged enough to get an early insight into this rather impressive SUV during August of this year, but it’s always even better to be able to poke around, fiddle with new knobs and dials and really get to grips with a new vehicle during a test week.

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