Sprint Review: Mercedes-AMG C63S sedan

Do you like making an entrance? Are you into contact sports, addicted to adrenaline or enjoy ticking off your neighbours? Boy-oh-boy, do I have the car for you…

You need to know: The Mercedes-AMG C63S is for adrenaline junkies. Peeps who enjoy fire-walking, cliff diving or wrestling for their life while driving to the corner Spar. Everything about this car, everything, is completely hard-core. Its looks, engine, power deliver, ride and gadgets are what my youngest cousin would term as “next level”.

More info: Although it can commute quietly – no thanks to superb air suspension with Comfort mode – it also offers two Sport modes, a Race setting, body-hugging sports seats, hideously large alloy wheels with preposterously low-profile tyres, suede-leather steering wheel inserts, and extra-loud exhaust noises at the touch of a button.

What else? This is over-and-above the comprehensive infotainment system, voice commands, customisable digital instrument panel, ferocious brakes, adaptive headlights and options like keyless start, glass sunroof and perfumed climate control. I disliked the absence of keyless entry on our press car and found its dark grey metallic paint too sinister for an already menacing-looking vehicle.

Watch out for: Fuel economy ranges from “meh” (steady cruise) to clambering under the car to check for fuel leaks. A C63S, especially when caned, can get jolly thirsty. The ride is too hard for most people and full-throttle power delivery often verges on uncontrollable. It’s got a very clever traction control system but be warned – this car BITES.

Do not antagonise it, especially in slippery conditions, and you should be fine. And if you think I’m exaggerating (or being a complete weeny), this is the first AMG I’ve ever seen with a “Slippery” mode in its six-way drivetrain settings menu. No jokes. 510 horsepower (or more importantly, 700Nm) is often too much for the 265/35R19 rear tyres.

Why you want one: Because you enjoy white knuckles and throbbing temples flush with adrenaline? If you’re not into heart-pumping action, lightning reactions or breath-stealing power, step away from the C63 S. The 287kW C43 4Matic might be a better bet, especially because it’s half a mill cheaper than this R1.6m monster.


Engine: 4L V8 turbo-petrol
Transmission:9-speed Automatic, RWD
Max. Power:375kW
Max. Torque:700Nm
Avg. cons.:Approx. 12.5L/100km (claimed 9.9)
0-100km/h:Claimed 4.0 seconds
Top Speed:Claimed 290km/h
List Price:R 1,560,136

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