Sprint Review: Subaru Outback 3.6

Subaru Outback 3.6 CVT Lineartronic

What did we like? Subaru seem to be on a winning ticket with their Outback. It’s a spacious SUV type that offers impressive handling with superb road holding. The 3.6l CVT Lineartronic offers sublime acceleration through a super-smooth gearbox without the accompanying whine so prevalent in most CVT ‘boxes.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking the transmission was a standard automatic as it simulates a gear change sound while still accelerating. Subaru have really got the recipe right on this one!

Other notable features include great design lines, the vehicle has plenty of street appeal without looking overly clumpy or mumsy. Stylish mags complemented the look of the whole package. The Outback is a memorable car indeed.

Where did we go? The stables, meetings, grocery shopping, a farm; but mostly the stables. Our Outback handled the transition from tar to dirt with aplomb and comfort at each turn. Owning an Outback would be an acceptable look for the equestrian offering almost everything you could desire space wise but it is sadly lacking in the towing department, not offering legal towing capacity for a horsebox at all.

What to look out for? This particular version of the Outback can be somewhat thirsty. If this is a concern to you, I’d recommend the smaller 2l diesel in automatic which still packs enough punch but at a more fuel-efficient 7.6l/100km (claimed). Also, the boot doesn’t open past 95 degrees… This means that tall people will ALWAYS bump their heads… a lot! The boot opening was the only major drawback, really.

What did people say? We spoke to people who had the old version in a manual diesel – and they loved it! Their only comment was that they found the manual to be sluggish and would have preferred the feistier auto gearbox. They wouldn’t change their car though and in fact they were planning to purchase the automatic version next. Says a lot doesn’t it?

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