Sprint Review: Volvo XC40 T4

All of us at NamWheels are extremely fond of the Volvo XC40 but just to show you that we can be unbiased, I’ll desperately try to find some faults with this T4 model…

You should know: The Volvo XC40 made our Car of the Year list and while it didn’t grab the outright win, that powder blue press car was awarded our “Money No Object” trophy. That’s a hint, by the way. The biggest problem with any XC40 is that it is comparatively expensive; and suffers from heavier depreciation.

More info: What’s that, you don’t care about depreciation and love this car? We should hang out some time. If you genuinely don’t give a Swedish Sunday about money, or finance it through other means, I can’t begin to tell you how much this smallest Volvo SUV will impress you. It’s stylish, refined and highly rewarding to drive.

What else? The combination of ride comfort, handling and steering response are top notch. And to quickly drag some negatives into the picture, the modern multi-speed transmission can get caught napping on quick momentum changes while this T4 (2L 140kW turbo-petrol) engine drinks more go-go juice than its turbo-diesel equivalents.

Our maroon metallic press vehicle certainly exhibited a lot of “go” with a best 0-100km/h time of 7.58 seconds; almost a full second faster than the manufacturer’s claim. A single emergency brake test from 100km/h was even more impressive with a stopping time of just 2.66 seconds over 37.91 metres.

Why you shouldn’t: Stay away from the T4 (or meaner T5) model if fuel consumption is a concern. As you probably know, Volvo will soon switch to electric drive trains which, most unfortunately, will be even more expensive than these already-pricey vehicles. Never mind charging infrastructure in Africa…

Why you should: This XC40 T4 is one of your last chances to own a modern Volvo with a dinosaur engine. The sumptuous leather interior with its decidedly un-dinosaur infotainment system is a wonderful place to spend time, with reasonable amounts of space for up to four adults; or a young family with one kid.

Like mine. I have one kid. All I need now is a Volvo XC40.


Engine:2L i-4 turbo-petrol
Transmission:8-speed Auto, FWD
Max. Power:140kW
Max. Torque:300Nm
Avg. cons.:Claimed 7.5
0-100km/h:7.58 seconds (claimed 8.4)
Top Speed:Claimed 180km/h
List Price:R730,000

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