Car of the Year 2018

It’s time for the #NamWheels 2018 #CaroftheYear Awards! Do you like our categories? And tell us what you think of the winners:

Most improved since last model:

Most improved since last model WINNER: Mercedes-Benz A-Class / A200
It’s not as hard, cramped or desperately designed as its predecessor. We were impressed.
Most improved since last model (Runner up): Nissan Micra
Is THAT really a Micra? Find out how pleasantly surprised we were:

Surprise of the Year

Surprise of the Year WINNER: Ford Fiesta 1.5D
Never mind the many cosmetic, convenience and mechanical updates,
how does 4L/100km (25km/L) sound to you?
Lees meer hier:
Surprise of the Year (Runner up): Suzuki Jimny
Oh wow. If it were more practical or dynamic, all the other cars on this list
could pack up and go home! We love it.

Worst car of the year

Worst car of the year WINNER: Renault Kwid AMT
No. Like, seriously. No.
Worst car of the year Runner up: Renault Kwid
The only thing not quite as bad as a Renault Kwid AMT is a slightly older, manual Renault Kwid.

Great car but too expensive

Great car but too expensive WINNER: Volvo XC40
Most of our testers fell in love, some of our testers still dream about it.
The new Volvo compact SUV is superb!
Great car but too expensive (Runner up): Mercedes-Benz S560
Hello Lotto Jackpot. Hello lucrative tender. Hello Mercedes-Benz perfection!

Great car that nobody’s thought of buying

Great car that nobody’s thought of buying WINNER: Volkswagen Arteon
If you think it looks good on your screen, you should see it in real life.
Then take it for a test-drive. Please, take one for a test-drive!
Great car that nobody’s thought of buying (Runner up): Peugeot 3008
Forget everything you know about Peugeot and just get behind
the bizarre steering wheel of this car. Drives well, too!

Miss Photogenic Award

Miss Photogenic Award WINNER: Jaguar F-Type R-Dynamic Coupé
Oooooooh, purrrdy. This sexy cat got loads of admiration
from almost anyone who came within sight of it!
Miss Photogenic Award (Runner up): Volvo XC60
Pretty, isn’t it? Wait till you see the interior! For an SUV, this really is a very stylish design.

Disappointment of the year

Disappointment of the year WINNER: Mazda MX-5 RF Auto
Many of the virtues which make an MX-5 great have been lost with this car.
Follow the link to read our complaints:
Disappointment of the year (Runner up): Alfa Romeo Stelvio
We had high hopes for this, and while not all of it is disappointing, most of our hopes were dashed:

Letting the side down Award

Letting the side down Award WINNER: Volkswagen Touareg
Our chief tester complains that the new VW Touareg is bringing shame to its family name.
He’s so upset that his report isn’t even published yet.
Letting the side down Award (Runner up): Mercedes-Benz X-Class / X250d
Ja, no. We’re not the only ones who think Mercedes should’ve left this one on the drawing board.
Oh, and anyone who types the word “Navara” gets banned for a week!

Fastest car of 2018

Fastest car of 2018 WINNER: Mercedes-AMG E63S 4Matic+
We had to plan our acceleration runs with this 612hp monster very carefully but it paid off:
Our best (of three) 0-100km/h runs took just 3.42 GPS-verified seconds.
Hold on tight & watch this:
Fastest car of 2018 (Runner up): Audi TT RS Coupé
Not far behind the ballistic AMG beast is this crazy five-pot Audi TT RS.
It managed the 0-100km/h sprint in just 3.79 seconds:

Slowest car of 2018

Slowest car of 2018 WINNER: Renault Kwid AMT
With a teeny-tiny engine and an antiquated gearbox operated by lethargic pixies,
this road hazard took a yawning 15-odd seconds to finally reach 100km/h:
Slowest car of 2018 (Runner up): Toyota Fortuner 2.4 GD-6 Auto
You may find some eager Renault Kwid AMT drivers line up next to you
at the traffic lights if you drive this Toyota Fortuner 2.4 GD-6 Automatic.
Its best 0-100km/h time of 14.24 seconds is actually 0.01 seconds slower
than a smart fortwo 1L…

Best braking performance

Best braking performance WINNER: Mercedes-Benz E400 Cabriolet
Reaching second place on our all-time best braking performance chart
(and first place for 2018) is this Mercedes-Benz E400 Cabriolet.
Watch the video here:
Best braking performance (Runner up): Honda Civic Type R
Second place in this category goes to the loony Honda Civic Type R
with its amazing Brembo brakes!
Check out the video here:

Worst braking performance

Worst braking performance WINNER: Renault Kwid AMT
Oh dear, not you again. With Marie-biscuit tyres and no anti-lock brakes,
this Kwid AMT screeched its way to a standstill in an unprecedented 52.64 metres.
Watch the drama unfold here:
RIP headphone users!
Worst braking performance (Runner up): Lexus NX300
Coming in at a paltry 46.55 metres from 100 to 0km/h,
this Lexus NX300 shocked us with its poor brakes. 
Naughty step for you, Lexus!

Ugly Duckling Award

Ugly Duckling Award WINNER: Mahindra Pik Up
Ag shampies, a face that only its mother could love.
But actually, there’s a decent bakkie behind that strange visage.
Lees meer hier:
Ugly Duckling Award (Runner up): Honda Amaze 1.2 Comfort
It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure. The compact Honda sedan’s strengths
lie elsewhere and we invite you to find out more here:

Cars we would buy with our own money

WINNER: Suzuki Jimny
Yup, given enough zeros in our bank account,
we wouldn’t hesitate for a second and visit the nearest Suzuki dealership. #smaakjoustukkend
Cars we would buy with our own money (Runner up): Volvo XC40
If only they weren’t so expensive, there’d be a few of these knocking about the office car park!

NamWheels Car of the Year

NamWheels Car of the Year WINNER: Volkswagen Polo Vivo
TADA!! Congratulations to the new Volkswagen Polo Vivo,
a car that does everything you expect of it at a relatively decent price.
We also considered this for most improved
but there wasn’t much wrong with the old Vivo either. 
Great cars. Well deserved win!
NamWheels Car of the Year (Runner up): Suzuki Jimny
If you don’t like the Jimny, you have no heart and no soul.
It’s charming. It’s funky. It’s cheeky. It’s fun. And in the right hands,
it’s a proper off-road vehicle! It’s just not as versatile or affordable as a Vivo… 🙁

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