Tested: 2021 Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe

Beautiful, sophisticated and possibly pointless? This right here is the new facelift E-Class in coupe form. Beautiful, right?

Text: Karl-Heinz Eisenberg

It’s difficult not the fall in love with the latest of what I consider the grandchild of the CLK, but does it actually make any sense?

Well, it’s not that simple, and I’m sure some overly qualified, Bratwurst-eating German in Affalterbach has a logical reasoning behind this magnificent car.

But first, let’s talk 53, and no, I’m not referring to Herbie.

According to the performance display it produces 325kw from a 3.0L inline 6 engine, very much respectable in my opinion.

I’m not going to bother going into the hybrid EQ system, because it just simply doesn’t matter. This so-called “M256” engine is possibly the best inline 6 currently on the market. Actually, I would prefer this engine over any V8 currently in Mercedes line-up.

It shares most of its parts with the “OM656” inline-6 diesel engine. Why is this so cool, you may ask?

Well, a diesel has a lot more stress on the vital parts of the engine. Since this petrol equivalent has less internal stress, it is completely over-built, which should result in a very reliable engine! I guess time will tell.

How much luxury do you want? YES.

The E53 is a typical E-Class both inside and out. Elegant lines flow into each other like the curves of those pretty ladies on a boy’s night out. Yes, this E is like the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend or they-themfriend. Makes a great impression in front of the family but can still give you the best time of your life.

The dashboard reminds me of a sci-fi video game, except it makes sense! These displays are sculpted into a leather trimmed dashboard, that besides for some plastic creeking noises, is an absolute joy to touch. Every button gives a great feedback and makes you want to press it over and over.

Do you want an AMG? Maybe.

Even though this E53 is called an AMG, it technically isn’t one… or it is, I don’t know?!

Oh, and where is my “one man one engine” plaque? Or did Wall-E build my engine?

There is loads of controversy regarding these AMG-tuned inline-6’s, and after consulting some Mercedes experts I have come to the conclusion they are more AMG than any of the other post-merger AMG’s. Here is why: back in the late 60’s and 70’s, AMG tuned regular production Mercs by fiddling with the intake, fueling system, camshafts etc. Today this can all be done electronically, which is exactly what the case is here.

Let’s make the same car different.

Currently the E53 AMG is available as a sedan, wagon, SUV (called GLE), cabriolet and coupe. This is quite the lineup, I mean these five versions of the E-Class offer more variety than the whole Mercedes range in 1970. It sounds like the perfect family right?

Well, don’t we all have that one uncle who nobody talks about? You know what I mean. This uncle would be the CLS53 AMG. Is it a hybrid of a sedan and coupe? I believe that’s called a CLS 4 door coupe and after driving both the CLS and E53, I’d have the CLS.

Want a coupe but also practicality? The CLS has you covered.

Does this mean the coupe 53 is actually pointless? Possibly, but thanks Mercedes for keeping it around!

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