Tech Tips: Custom Bumpers

Are they worth the investment?

We tried to be all diplomatic about this but there’s mostly (only) one reason why someone would fit one of these to their vehicle – they look freakin’ awesome! 


Other, less visual benefits of having one bolted to your four-wheel-drive vehicle usually include an improved approach angle and better low-speed protection.


Another nifty feature of these is that they come (or can be customised to carry) features like bull bar, lights, winch, recovery and jacking points – all in one bumper!


A word of warning though -most modern 4×4’s have airbags which rely on sensors in (or near) the front bumper. By changing the structure of the bumper, you may be at risk of the airbags not deploying correctly!

Fitting a different bumper may also alter the crumple zone of your vehicle and put you (and others) at risk of injury in a potential crash. Check with your car’s manufacturer or an approved fitment centre to see if this may be the case.

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