WHY: It’s important to follow lanes

First and foremost, for your and every other road user’s safety – being in the wrong lane can cause serious accidents! Big intersections, traffic circles and highway on/off-ramps only work if everyone knows which lane they’re supposed to be in.

No less important is the social aspect of picking the correct lane(s). Being in the wrong lane can lead to road rage from fellow road users!

BEFORE: Plan your route

It may sound silly but the easiest way to ensure that you’re always in the correct lane is to plan your route before departure – especially if it involves roads you haven’t travelled on before.

Change lanes in good time, usually one intersection before a turn or junction. If multi-lane streets cause you stress, it may be wise to plan your route around those.

OOPS: In the wrong lane. What now?

Don’t panic. And more importantly, DO NOT stop or swerve across multiple lanes to reach your goal! Continue in the current lane and, when possible, turn into a quiet street or stop to find another route.

If you’ve missed a turn-off or road, simply go “around the block” or double-back at the next off-ramp. In traffic, turn around only when it’s safe to do so!

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