Tips: Carbon Tax

Another tax?

As of July 2016, new and used vehicles, light bulbs and tyres sold in Namibia are subject to a carbon tax.

What’s a carbon?

Carbon emissions are a major contributor to environmental damage like global warming. Most vehicles produce carbon dioxide (among other things) which is a nasty side-effect of burning fuel.

By taxing vehicles for these emissions, the consumer may think twice about buying (or maintaining) an old / dirty car with heavy CO2 emissions.

OK. What else?

The carbon tax also applies to filament light bulbs (N$3) and new or used tyres (N$10).

Light bulbs. Really?

Yes, really. Old (filament) light bulbs consume more energy than the modern, clever ones like L.E.D. bulbs. By taxing old bulbs, people are encouraged to switch over to the more environmentally-friendly ones.

Tyres, especially discarded ones, are also considered big pollutants and aren’t easy to recycle, thus they are subject to a tax as well.

Right. How much?

Based on the vehicle maker’s claim, every gram above 120 (g/km) of CO2 emissions is taxed at N$40 to N$100 – we had conflicting sources. NamWheels will soon publish a top list of vehicles which emit less than 120g/km!

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