Launch Report: 2017 Audi Q2

Launch Report: 2017 Audi Q2

Bold design and strong customization for this city SUV

“So what’s it like?” asks a friend, shortly after my return from the Audi Q2 launch in Cape Town. While I regurgitate specifications and give lively driving impressions, her face starts shriveling in bewilderment. “No, no…” she perks up again, “…does it really look as funky as in the photos?”

That’s probably all you need to know and I could end my report here. What Audi executives had predicted a day earlier during their Q2 launch presentation just came true… My friend wasn’t interested in the car’s vital stats or on-road behavior; she just needed to hear that it’s as cool as she thinks it is.

Audi themselves call it a defining moment; similar to when the first TT appeared. The power of deduction tells us that this slots in just below the Q3, but with a new design flair that should hopefully attract niche buyers into the four-ringed Q range; never mind our mushrooming SUV market.

Q2’s main efforts were design, driving and infotainment; its chunky and highly customizable looks have already created a client buzz, dealer queue and World Car of the Year 2017 nomination. Marketed as #untaggable, the newbie doesn’t really fit into boxes or categories yet – and therein lies more of its appeal, surely.

Audi ships their new baby with front-wheel-drive and three engines: a 1-litre or 1.4L turbo-petrol as well as a 2-litre turbo-diesel. At the time of launch (Feb’ 2017), only the 1.4 is available; 1L and 2.0 TDi follow in May. Both petrol models can be ordered with a six-speed manual or new 7-speed automatic gearbox, the diesel only in auto.

Being a modern Audi, the Q2 shines with fastidious build quality and superb driving refinement; our highly-entertaining launch route confirmed that. The line-up of cars also showcased this new model’s daring colour palette and seemingly endless individualization options, including its contrasting C-pillar “Blade” on some models.

As for safety and luxury, Audi provides state-of-the-art Driver Assist Systems, most modern amenities and many novelties for the gadget freak. While some may be optional extras, these include superb infotainment, various trim options and exterior packs, parking aids, LED lights, ambient lighting, keyless start and even digital instrumentation.

All of that is completely secondary though – and your nearest Audi dealer will be happy to elaborate. What’s way more important is the reaction that a Q2 generates. “Have you got photos?” asks my excited friend. “I LOVE the sunflower yellow!” she squeaks while clutching her cheeks. It’s actually called Vegas Yellow but I completely agree.

Happy Snaps from the Launch