Padtoets: 2019 Audi Q8 55 TFSi

Audi se nuwe groot baas?

Sedert 2006 het Audi die tree geneem na die SUV mark met hul Q7 model. Met die groei van die mark na kleiner en meer stedelike-vriendelike SUV’s het die Duitse vervaardiger die Q5 en Q3 bekend gestel. Aanvraag het gegroei en Audi het dus in 2017 die kleinste Q uitgebring, naamlik die Q2. Met bykans 14 jaar se ervaring (meer sodra Volkswagen se produksie van die Touareg ingebring word) het Audi besluit om nog die grootste Q-voertuig tot op hede uit te bring.

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Lineage: Audi Q Range

It may appear that Audi SUV’s have been around for decades but they only pitched up a few years ago. Their popularity is testament to the German manufacturer’s market predictions and product quality… we bring you’re the whole line-up of Q products with four shiny rings.

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Tested: Audi Q2 1.4T FSI

The trendy rings

Apparently they exist. People who look at an Audi Q3 and say “no way José, that’s too big and boring!” The German manufacturer and most of its competitors cater for such folk because our consumer society breeds these trendsetters by the truckload. Enter stage left, the achingly trendy Audi Q2.

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Launch Report: 2017 Audi Q2

Bold design and strong customization for this city SUV

“So what’s it like?” asks a friend, shortly after my return from the Audi Q2 launch in Cape Town. While I regurgitate specifications and give lively driving impressions, her face starts shriveling in bewilderment. “No, no…” she perks up again, “…does it really look as funky as in the photos?”

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